3 apps for the weekend – Week 11: It doesn't get any greener

Green air for everyone, green profiles for FFF'ers, green scores for food

If you want to do something really green with your smartphone, use it until the end of support - and ask the manufacturer for longer support! But of course there are also “green” offers on the app side. This week we're bringing fresh air, good food and uniforms to activists.

3 apps for the weekend: In this series we give you three every Friday free and ad-free android apps before - to try out and play. All apps are from the open source app store f-droid, which we present to you here in more detail. What apps? Whatever we actually like and doesn't require anything - i.e. no door opener app for the Dachshund Club Velbert Süd or something like that.

F-Droid in brief: You have to install F-Droid via the homepage, i.e. the app as APK file download, click on it and allow the installation. In addition, you must under (by default) Settings/Apps/Special app access/Install unknown apps give permission for F-Droid to allow the app to install other apps.

1. Particulate matter widget

With the particulate matter widget you get access to the data from, or meanwhile Sensor.Community, across multiple widgets. Behind this is a network of sensors that you can also build yourself, but of course you don't have to. The project is from Open Knowledge Lab Stuttgart, a local organizational unit of Code for Germany, a project of the Open Knowledge Foundation. If you don't want to install the app, just take a look at this beautiful one Map.

particulate matter data.
Where is it, that old fine dust?

2. OpenFoodFacts

Also OpenFoodFacts provides you with nicely prepared data from an extensive database on food. You can simply scan the EAN code of products and get the Nutri-Score, NOVA groups, CO2 level, Eco-Score, information on palm oil, meat and other animal ingredients, as well as information on allergens and, if applicable, origin (of course only if available ). The database contains over 1,5 million entries and if a product is not included: simply enter it yourself!

nutritional data.
Open Food Facts is really really useful - use it!

3. Fridays for Future

Ever seen that many Fridays for Future activists on social media often have an FFF-branded profile picture? This may not be as flashy as yellow jackets, but it's a really clever gimmick - which also includes its own profile picture generator, which can be found on the Website URL or as App: Just choose your own picture and it will get an FFF frame with the data of the next demo. So, would get .. :( Because apparently nobody has been updating since September - too bad! Why is it still here? The app is simply clever and demands clones and updates, so: scream for updates!

fff app.
Great app - unfortunately no longer maintained

But it shouldn’t end without a currently working app either: #FFF info lists all events planned worldwide, can share them and enter them in the calendar. There is also a picture gallery, an FAQ and, in all seriousness, one excuse generator for school - in LaTeX! That too: Clever! However, this will probably only work for you if you specifically want to stay away from English classes - the app is in English. Well, not so wild, the German school law probably doesn't provide for demo exceptions, right?

fff data.
Chic app for FFF activists - and people who want to avoid traffic jams

Cover photo based on photos by Anete Lusina of Pexels and Pixabay

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