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Confluence: Create a glossary

Without any extra add-ons: This automatically turns definitions into a glossary

In larger (IT) companies you often cannot avoid the Atlassian product range. On the one hand, the wiki software Confluence is quite flexible, on the other hand it lacks all kinds of features that you would expect as a standard - such as automatic linking of words or a real glossary. High sums quickly become due for corresponding add-ons if billing is based on users. But it's also possible without it.

Glossary concept

If you are already familiar with Confluence, the concept in brief might be enough:

  • Create page for the definition
  • Mark definition as excerpt
  • Give the label "glossary".
  • Create a page for the glossary
  • List titles and excerpts from pages labeled “glossary” using a macro

Of course, you can also work with multiple labels here. In any case, at the end there is a glossary that is automatically expanded when a new definition is created. The whole thing also works across spaces.

And now the whole procedure step by step.

1. Create definition

For a first Glossary entry you create a page with the term as Title, which should also appear in the glossary. Then you write it Definition even.

text in confluence.
The page title later becomes the glossary entry

Marked then the text and calls the macro Excerpt to mark the definition as an excerpt.

Select excerpt macro.
Highlight text, apply "Excerpt" macro

Now put a label glossary - or whatever you want to use (via the small note icon at the top right next to the breadcrumbs). This completes the definition page.

label in atlassian confluence.
Pages can be filtered using labels

2. Create a glossary

Now create a page for the glossary and call the macro Content by label on. Select the glossary label and the standard view appears in the preview:

content-by-label macro in use.
The filter for glossary pages, here without any further options

You can then use the options to activate the excerpt display and, if necessary, hide labels and spaces.

confluence glossary preview.
The preview including excerpts and without labels and spaces

From now on, all excerpts from pages with the set label will appear in the glossary.

a glossary in confluence.
The "ready" glossary in Confluence

By the way: The excerpts can also be inserted manually, which can be used as a small text module system.

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