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Instructions: Fix WiFi problems on iOS

Ah yes, Apple and the iOS problems. On the one hand, the mega update gives a lot of new functions for iPhone, iPad and Co, on the other hand Apple's support forums interspersed with threads in which iUsers report problems that only occur with the update to iOS 8. In addition to poor system performance (which you luckily can do something) errors in terms of WLAN stability are mentioned particularly frequently. If you are affected by this, the following steps might provide a solution for you.

What to do if the iPad WiFi is spinning

Since the update to iOS 8, I've had regular dropouts in the WLAN connection on my iPad Mini Retina, which the recently released update to iOS 8.02 hasn't changed. Especially when streaming video with the apps from Netflix or YouTube usually stopped working after a few minutes, although the connection is shown as stable. It then helps to briefly switch to airplane mode or restart the iPad, but in my opinion this is not a real solution. A reset of the network settings with the following steps finally helped:

1. Reset network settings

Open the settings of your iDevice and switch to the "General/Reset" menu. Tap on "Network Settings" and confirm the reset. Important: This will erase ALL saved WiFi passwords on your iPad or iPhone, so make sure you have the appropriate passwords handy. VPN connections that you have set up under iOS are not affected.

iOS 8 WiFi 1_result_1

2. Access the iOS 8 privacy settings

Navigate to the “Privacy” area in the iOS settings and tap on “Location Services”. In this menu you determine which apps on your iPhone or iPad are allowed to know your location (by the way, it's generally worth checking the settings).

iOS 8 WiFi 2_result_1

3. Configure system services

Now comes the crucial step to fix iOS 8 WiFi issues. Scroll all the way down and open the "System Services" section. This is where iOS regulates which connections you can use to be located by apps and other services. Switch off the "WLAN networks" entry here to prevent localization via WLAN.

iOS 8 WiFi 3_result_1

4. Reboot against WiFi problems

Restart your iPad/iPhone or iPod Touch and reconnect to your WLAN. Ideally, everything should now work again. I've been using the settings for two days now and haven't had any WiFi errors since then. If you are affected, we would appreciate feedback :)

By the way: in ours Overview we provide you with even more tips and tricks for iOS 8.

[Street Redmond Pie]

Update: iOS 8.1 with a solution to the WLAN problem?
A few weeks after the (failed) launch of iOS 8, Apple has now released a major update to iOS 8.1 that fixes a number of bugs and introduces some new features. In the extensive Changelog of iOS 8.1 there is also the following entry:

Fixes WiFi performance issues that could occur when connecting to some base stations.

This gives hope that the annoying WiFi problems in iOS 8 are finally a thing of the past. Have you already installed the update? Did it help against the wifi errors? We are looking forward to your opinions!

Boris Hofferbert

Freelance journalist, enthusiastic about technology since the blissful Amiga days, Apple desktop fan and Android fan on the go, gambles on Windows, can’t do without music (from classic rock to ska to punk) and audio books, likes to take postcard photos, always has at least two cell phones and is very happy about one coffee donation ;-)


  1. Doesn't work despite all this - Apple scrap - never again iPhone !!!
    It's also not the first iPhone that crashed on a wall.

  2. Thanks for the tip! He actually seems to help. I have iOS9.3.5 on it and had constant connection problems with the previous version of the operating system - so the ipad was practically unusable.

  3. I've often had the problem with my ipad mini 2 and it seems to have been solved now. Sometimes I can't even connect to the network with my Fritz.box via WLAN, although my Windows notebook is running at the same time without any problems. And on other days, the ipad is good to super fast again. In the last few days I've noticed that it works great when the Fritz.box selected channel 1, for example, and there were problems when channel 13 was selected. You can see the channel you are using by using http://www.fritz.box goes to the router with the browser, logs in and selects the item 'radio channel' under 'WLAN'.
    If you scroll through the 'help', you will find this:
    “WLAN car channel including channel 12/13
    If "Auto channel" is selected, you can use this option to include all available radio channels in the automatic selection. Please note that some WLAN devices (e.g. notebooks) may not be able to use channels 12 and 13 due to faulty presettings. It is then not possible to establish a wireless connection to the FRITZ!Box via one of these channels."

    That is probably clear. As long as you stay logged in with the ipad, my Fritz.box doesn't seem to change the channel. If I have problems with the ipad again, I look at the channel and change it or turn off the option that 12 and 13 can be selected.

    So far it has worked perfectly!

  4. Since iOS 8.4.1, my iPhone 5 no longer finds WiFi. None at all as far as I can see. iOS 9 didn't bring any improvement either. I followed the guide above and it had no effect. Before iOS 8.4.1, the WLAN worked without any problems. And the iPad 3 has never had network problems. iPhone only.

  5. Hello to all.
    I was able to notice something else that I have not read anywhere, at least consciously.
    My pad has no problems with unsecured networks. Eg at McDonalds etc. the coupling works perfectly. ONLY and ALWAYS with secured networks the message "invalid password" appears. The encryption mode doesn't seem to matter at all.

  6. … hello to all desperate ones,
    I have all the tips mentioned here and tried them several times.
    A slight improvement was noticeable. But sometimes there is a complete failure of the WLAN connection from the W700V router -> IPad Mini Retina.
    The connection is always displayed as "very good".
    Have now switched off the WLAN function on the W700V and use an Airport Express (dual band 2,4 Ghz / 5 Ghz) as a router.
    The complete failures of the WLAN connection have not changed in number and duration up to now. Even if I put my IPad Mini right next to the airport, nothing improves.
    So it's probably still due to I.OS 8.4
    Before I.OS. 8.4 it was also possible via the W700V with the WLAN function switched on.
    If you have any tips, please give them to me :-)


  7. I have now reset the Ipad to the factory version, set it up again using my cell phone with a hotspot and - the same problem as before. The iPad finds the WiFi network, but insists that the password is invalid. Now I connected it to my MacBook with a cable and lo and behold, suddenly the password is accepted! So the problem is at least partially solved. I still don't get it :-(

  8. Very cool tip! Worked great and with the network keys at hand the problem was fixed within two minutes!! I hope it stays that way! ;-)

  9. I bought an Ipad air 2 and also have the connection problem. The WLAN is found, but any connection attempt is rejected with "invalid password".
    I've tried every trick now, from resets to location services to hard resets. Absolutely nothing helps.
    So far I've stayed away from Apple after bad experiences. Now I realize that the latest test clearly shows that Apple products are expensive and pretty, but unfortunately they don't work safely. The “Android fixed it” seems to be true after all. Unfortunately, I need the iPad for a specific application, and now!
    I need help urgently.
    So does anyone have any tips please?

  10. Thanks for the quick reply.
    But that's not really satisfactory. You pay a multiple of what you would otherwise pay for the tablet and then one of the most important applications doesn't work. More than annoying.
    When is the next update expected? And how do I download it – without internet????

  11. I traveled to Zanzibar with my new ipad (bought in March). WiFi has worked without any problems so far, when I arrived here the day before yesterday I briefly had the problem that the message "Invalid password for ..." kept coming up, but then it worked.
    This morning the WiFi connection was suddenly interrupted, when I tried to log in again, the same message came up: invalid password. I've tried everything I could find on the internet, but nothing helps. My MacBook has no problems. What can I do? I won't be back in Germany until September and there is no support here.

    1. The problem with the WiFi in iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite seems to be deeply embedded in the system. Apple will update this in the upcoming operating system version, after which there will hopefully be an end to WiFi trouble.

  12. Great, it worked. WiFi networking off…. the arbor is ready.
    And I already had the IOS 8,3 version on it!!!
    But that alone was useless.
    So… thanks for the tip.

  13. Didn't work at all. Nothing of all that was written. Suddenly wifi is gone. Without any change, neither new software nor new neighbor. The time you spend getting everything working again is lost forever and you don't get any quality value in return. Mental and social impoverishment, lack of sun and poor nutrition. I'll quit the shit and get back to real life.

  14. Peter says thank you, it worked right away (10 minutes ago)! Annoyed for weeks, updated, nothing helped, now finally!

  15. Yes I did that too. Another time I had the entire system reset as well. I haven't been able to dial in for the past two days. This morning I tried again and at least didn't get the information right away that the PW is invalid etc. Now my cell phone has recognized the router, but an intact connection could not be established and I am still being asked for the password.

  16. Unfortunately, this suggestion does not work either. My iPhone tells me in every WLAN network that I want to try that the "password is invalid" and on the second attempt that the "connection to WLAN XY failed". This problem comes up very often. Sometimes the connection works perfectly, then I leave the house and come back and the WLAN connection is interrupted. Then I try all the settings to get back online. Sometimes it doesn't work at all and the next morning everything is as if nothing had happened, ie the connection can be established. Sometimes it works when logging in after trying different settings. The strange thing is that there is never a solution that I can use consistently. The problem is always solved by another solution. I'm starting to hate the iphone. I never had such a problem with Android smartphones :( HELP!!!

    1. Have you reset the network settings? If in doubt, and if that doesn't work either, you should completely reinstall the iPhone with new firmware via iTunes without importing a backup.

  17. unfortunately not for me :(
    because strange i can chat with whatsapp or snapchat without any problems everything else that has to do with mt internet and wifi doesn't work...

  18. As the proud owner of a new iPad 2 mini, I also had WiFi problems, i.e. the iPad did not connect to the internet via my WiFi.
    After applying the tips found here, everything works fine, but only after I entered my password in slow motion, fast typing didn't work. I then always waited until the character that was initially shown had turned into the dot and only then continued. Everything works now!! Thank you very much!!

  19. After numerous attempts, this guide has 100% solved the annoying problem. The WLAN connection was interrupted after a few minutes. Could only be reactivated by switching the WLAN connection off and on again. Now everything is OK. Thanks for the good description

  20. iPhone 5; unfortunately didn't work. :-(
    All other devices in the house "recognize" the WLAN, just not the iPhone!? Such a crap! Only Android from now on… Fuck iOS!

    1. Unfortunately, I also have the problem with my iPhone 5...very often :/ All other devices work, only the mobile phone doesn't! And the problem also exists when logging into other WLAN networks. Two days ago it worked, then I was out of the house once and since then I can't dial into any network. :/

  21. ipad mini and iphone s4 suddenly want a wifi password today. but our wifi has no password. the old iphone 4 doesn't want a password. It sat in the closet for a week and wasn't used. ipad and iphone are always in use. the password prompt came all of a sudden this afternoon? do you have an idea?

    1. Possibly a WLAN with the same name in the neighborhood? Have you restarted your router and iPad/iPhone? Otherwise, we STRONGLY recommend setting a password (WPA/WPA2!) for your router! The WLAN does not end at your property line and if someone surfs on your connection there in the car and does illegal things, you are liable, which can be unpleasant. So: ALWAYS secure WLAN with a password!

  22. It still doesn't work with my IPhone 5, the cell phone says it has WiFi, but when I go to the internet or the AppStore, no connection is possible (although the above shows connected to WiFi), my Lenovo PC has internet, so it has nothing to do with the wifi.
    Please help…
    Thank you
    Greetings Arne

  23. I was able to solve the problem without further adjustment (i.e. without the measures mentioned above). First I tested the WLAN with other routers. The problem did not occur with these. The Speedport 723V has hidden the 5 GHz network somewhat, if you use this the connection is stable again. Apparently iPhone and iPad should prefer this frequency. To do this, you have to tick the box where you set the 300 MBit transmission rate and then set transmission standard a and n. I also activated IPv6 under Lan (I don't know if that has an effect, should only be mentioned for the sake of completeness). I hope my explanations will also help you to have fun with your iPad or iPhone again

    1. Thanks! In any case, I got better values ​​than before during the speed test with your setting.

      let's see that it is not always off and registers from the WLAN

    1. Thanks! In any case, I got better values ​​than before during the speed test with your setting.

      let's see that it is not always off and registers from the WLAN

  24. Short feedback: 8.1 didn't help, iPad Air and iPhone 5s in combination with Speedport 723V Type A still leads to crashes. Especially with any kind of videos, the WLAN is gone after a short time.

  25. After your path brought improvement, the WLAN errors crept in again and again. Apple Supp. (40 min. contact) was then also at a loss replacing the iPad start as a new device. In the beginning great streaming (approx. 24 hours) Then again the known errors. Network-
    Restart helps for hours. I'm very sure iOS 8.0.2 needs a speedy successor, here
    is Apple's duty I think after Supp. Contact, they know that too.
    LG. Hugo

  26. Thank you thank you thank you! I came close to not throwing an iPad in the corner. The connection is like one! Worked great thanks to the simple instructions!

  27. Thanks! Thanks to your tip, mine is running
    Digital concert hall of the Berlin Philharmonic again without interruption on the iPad Mini
    against !

  28. Hello Peter,
    After desperate searching for sources of error, your tip helped me to set up a normally functioning WLAN on my iPad again.
    Keep up the good work with such helpful tips.

  29. First of all, thank you very much for the tip. Since installing IOS 8 on the IPad, my WLAN has been extremely slow or has not worked at all. I followed your instructions exactly and the wifi worked again immediately. Great tip!

  30. First of all thank you. But it didn't work on my IPad Air. The moment I go to myvideo or netflix, I'm kicked out. The pad also has problems finding the home network automatically. But Google works fine.

  31. Thanks, it worked… ! Why then the 8.02 update from Apple if the error was not fixed after all??? But that's how my wife's tab works again now.

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