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How do I get into the dark web?

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about the "dark web". But what is this dark internet anyway – and how do you get into the dark web?

How do you get into the dark web? Lately is more and more often in the media from the dark web the speech: A “secret” Internet where criminals thrive against bitcoin from guns to drugs to obscure porn should be able to get hold of anything illegal. However, the dark web does not only have its downsides: since it is not controlled by the state, it is above all a source of independent information in systems with strong censorship. We want to show you how to get in here.

1. Get into the dark web: Download and install the Tor browser

First you need "access software", a kind of dark web browser for the shadow internet. Since it runs on the Tor network, it makes sense to contact that network. The easiest way to do this is with the Tor browser, which you can use by the way can also be used for anonymous surfing without the Darknet. First, load the browser free of charge in the language and system version that suits you from the Tor website and then install it on your system.

dark web1
Download the Tor browser and install it on your computer.

2. Start the dark web with the Tor browser

Now you can start the Tor browser, which serves as an anonymization solution and Darknet browser. When you start it for the first time, it will ask you whether you can connect directly or whether you still have to set up proxies. On normal private Internet connections, it is usually sufficient to click on "Connect". The Tor browser connects to the Tor network and you can now use it to surf the Internet anonymously. Access to the "Darknet" is the side effect of this anonymous surfing: the websites are located on servers within the Tor network and cannot be reached via the "normal" Internet.

dark web2
After the start, you are connected to the anonymous Tor network.

3. Navigate the dark web with onion links

But how do you get into the dark web? This requires knowledge of special domains with the ending .onion. These websites are the dark side of the internet. A good starting point is the "Hidden Wiki" (kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion). It lists a series of links where you can find the information you are looking for. Torlinks or the Onion Wiki (wikitjerrta4qgz4.onion) are also such Darknet homepages, on which other “dark” pages are linked.

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There you will find a lot of interesting information. And if you want to REALLY experiment, there's something called the "ultimate dark web index". We'll show you what it's all about here. The practical thing is that the Tor browser switches seamlessly between Darknet and "normal" Internet.

dark web3
.onion websites show you the way to the depths of the dark web.

Dark web search engines: find information on the dark web

However, it is not Google that makes sense as a Darknet search engine, but rather ahmia.fi useful, a search engine that unlike the California internet giant specifically designed for the dark web. Of course, this is by no means the only dark web search engine, but it is currently the best.

However, no dark web search engine has the power of Google and the hits are often not useful, which is why you are better off surfing to onion links directly if you know where you want to go. Alternatively, you can, by the way dark web sites also open with the service in the “normal” browser. Of course, that doesn't really make sense, unless You also use a VPN service. Important to know: This does not get you into the Darknet, but only surfs anonymously.

Darknet: guns, drugs, whistleblowers
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Using the dark web responsibly

The dark side of the internet is as a medium not illegal, the ones offered there Goods to the part however may already be. This means that you should never order 50 grams of black Afghani there or get the idea of ​​buying weapons or other publicly illegal nonsense. Because weapons and drugs, like many other things, are of course not allowed in Germany and most other countries. There are also many fake offers and rip-off attempts - so be on your guard! Instead, you can use the Darknet to gather information or express your opinion and discuss in one of the numerous discussion forums. If you still want to buy something, you should You get Bitcoin, which are the darknet currency. The Tor network makes you completely anonymous, but you should anyway watch out.

dark web4
And no: You shouldn't order something like that.

Safely on the Darknet

However, those who dare to venture into the dark side are particularly at risk: in the Darknet are natural countless weird birds on the go, who use the uncontrollable space to do mischief or to enrich themselves. This means that when you venture into the hidden web, you should follow the same rules that apply in real life in shady areas, so as not to fall into any kind of trap. Very important: Avoid giving any personal data – no matter how tempting the offer is.

  • Don't believe anything you read, see or hear on the Darknet.
  • Don't trust anyone you don't know for sure.
  • It is best not to surf the Deep Web with Windows. Because Windows is Windows. Better you use a security linux, like Tails – ideally in a virtual machine
  • If you surf with Windows: Bring the virus scanner up to date beforehand.
  • webcam? Disconnect or tape!
  • Do not log into any social networks in the Tor browser.
  • Absolutely never give out personal information or payment details (name, address, credit card number...).
  • Virtual window shopping is OK, but don't buy any of the illegal stuff.
  • And always remember: no risk, no fun!
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Further information

The dark web is a complicated thing, and there is a lot of misinformation floating around about it. Do you want more knowledge? Then we recommend you the appropriate books on the subject. Also, we have some for you here Security tips for the dark web compiled. And if you want to know what there is to see down there, just come along on our little tour. By the way, there are also practical things for which the dark internet is suitable. For example, how about this: Share passwords via hidden web?

Here you can find another possibility, at least Go online on Mac with any app via Tor/Onion network and thus to use the Deep Web. We hope we were able to give you a decent answer to the question "How do you get into the dark web".

By the way: Here you will find another solution to the Darknet with iPhone and iPad to use.

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Christian Rentrop

Graduate journalist, born in 1979. First attempts at walking in 1986 at the Schneider CPC. In 1997 it went online. Ever since then as a scribbler in deadwood forests and on digital highways. Often also on the Vespa or with the caravan on the way. Daughter father since 2020, so always very happy about one small coffee donation.


  1. Very easy to read writing style. I like it. And hats off to your perseverance in explaining the real meaning of DW to those present here who are obviously less well-off. ????

    1. I'm afraid there will always be a certain amount of gambling: The Darknet is about anonymity, shops are about sending goods to real addresses, assuming guarantees and so on - things that are not compatible with anonymity. In the case of digital or illegal products, a shop can of course also function on the Darknet. But the former is at least rare and providers of illegal products do not really fall under "serious" in principle. And even if they did, we could hardly make any recommendations... ;)

      To put it bluntly: If you shop on the dark web, you have to expect that the money can disappear away.

  2. Can you access the dark web with your cell phone? I've looked everywhere for instructions but either they don't work or the links are no longer available or or or...

    1. I wouldn't do it because you can't turn off the microphone completely and something might still be playing in the background when you open your camera again.

    2. It's even safer on the pc because you might accidentally download a virus on your cell phone and then the cell phone will be in the bucket. Although this problem also works on the pc, I personally would prefer to do it there. And of course you have the security as explained above that you can use the tor browser for example

  3. I find this guide not only good but also important, as it shows ways into a world free of government-compliant information. Among other things, you can express your opinion without being subject to the usual censorship. Of course, you could also learn a lot about Usenet, IRC and the like. Haters are always and everywhere, especially ignorant ones play a big role here, they once heard something. . . Of course there is also a lot of illegal stuff, but you can find that in normal life and in relevant circles behind the closed hand.
    Both the instructions by Christian Rentrop and the commentary by Marc Lang make it palatable to explore the dark and the deep web, while at the same time staying on the safe side.

  4. In my opinion, people are so right that it is wrong to explain how to get into the dark web!!! It's not that it's the criminals anyway.. Any kid that has access to the internet, asks this question and then comes across this post will be deeply disturbed after their success on the Darknet!!! It's perverted and perverted, unimaginable, hideous things that once you see them, you can get them out of your head. Even as a child, I hated having to watch such disgusting videos on the then normal internet. Can you imagine how that changed me? 1 video was enough for that.. There are so many other factors (which haven't even been mentioned yet) that's why you shouldn't just explain it to everyone.. But to keep it short.. I think it's s*** * that this post exists!

    1. This post doesn't just exist here, it's just plain easy to get into the dark web. And honestly, it's the parents' job to stop their kids from doing something like this, or at least to explain what's going on. If your argument is followed, any non-kid-friendly website should be blocked. Apart from the KIKA page, there would not be much going on on the net and I would take any bet that an illegal marketplace would then form here. Because the internet is like that.

    2. For the hundredth time: The dark web is only one Infrastructure – there are kinky things there, yes. And there are normal things there! The dark web is not kinky, some Content are. Take a look at what else is there:


      By the way, there are the same weird things on the internet, did you know? Admittedly, you don't stumble over them so easily because they make up a much smaller part, but they are there. And what would be your suggestion here? Ban instructions for Fritz boxes? Unblock Google for verified adults only? Oh no, we would have to ban the whole stupid internet as long as only one person uses it for something deviant.

      And this old children's argument doesn't work at all: According to this, for example, there shouldn't be any articles on how to bake a rum cake - otherwise every child who asks this question could ... As Christian already says: What small children do on the computer is in the responsibility of parents. What do you think happens when you put the car key in your five-year-old son's hand? How anyone can get the idea that there shouldn't be anything in the world that's okay for adults but not for children is beyond me.

      How about differentiating between infrastructure, content and users? I'll try with a practical example:

      "This is how you get into the dark web": Article explains how to use the infrastructure - 100 percent harmless.
      "How to find snuff films on the Darknet": Article would explain how to find illegal/deviant content on the infrastructure - not harmless and we would never write.
      "How to Buy Whiskey on the Internet": Buyer's Guide - harmless for consenting adults, unsuitable for children.

      Or even simpler:

      Bottle - Harmless to adults and children.
      Instructions on how to open a bottle - harmless to adults and children.
      Bottle content of whiskey - OK for mommy, not OK for little Erna.

      The dark web is an infrastructure – for good and for bad.

      And finally, maybe a question: what about the whistleblowers, dissidents, oppressed journalists, discriminated minorities, residents of autocratic countries and everyone else who has a huge interest in anonymity: shouldn't you explain to all the people how they got that anonymity? come?

      PS: And while we say that it's the parents' job to protect children from bullshit - it's not as if we don't like to help:


      1. Thank you Christian, muvimaker and especially MIRCO for the ingenious correction and actually unnecessary justification for this article about the DARKNET.
        I can only guess why, why and why the user at 04:44 gave you the recommendation to delete the article, because in his youth / childhood he had to watch a little film from the internet how I interpret it and thus influenced his life in such a way .

        In any case, thanks for the great instructions on how to get started with the DARKNET with step-by-step instructions and further information links for the DARKNET. The warning not to order anything illegal is certainly useful and protects you legally, so the article is pure information for anyone who can read sensibly and not a request.
        For my taste, I would put the basic requirements like using a required VMware with Linux or a Raspberry first and then installing the Tor Browser. Since many people have certainly not read your article completely, loaded and installed the browser, called up the specified pages and then didn't work... When reading the article further, they realized what else needs to be considered.

        Anyway, I say THANK YOU again for the great tips and I will start my raspberry and get started!

    3. "Even as a child, I hated having to see such disgusting videos on the then normal internet."
      I would be interested in a more detailed explanation as to why you had to see such videos. Were you strapped to a chair with your eyes clamped so you couldn't close your eyes, or were you just curious and couldn't resist? How did you get such videos as a child “on the then still normal internet”? According to the wording, that must have been a while ago.
      Long story short, posting an article on the dark web is akin to using a knife. You can use it to cut vegetables or kill people. It's the same with the dark web. After all, you still have the option of not getting there at all by keeping your hands off it. If you are looking for abnormal things, you do not need the Dark Net, the normal network is sufficient. If you are so ill that you really want to go to the Dark Net to describe your addiction/inclination or whatever you want to call it, even an unwritten article will hardly prevent you from continuing to devote yourself to your habits. If Tutonaut doesn't write it, then another site will do it. Either way, these people are getting there.

    4. So what. Claim protection from the state? Nothing there, after all, that's also a matter for the parents
      Respecting brats, it's not always just school, kindergarten and 'bad' friends that are 'to blame', right?
      Later when the brats get into bar/bat mitzvah time or communion or or or,
      are you hopefully mature enough to know for yourself what works and what doesn't, right?? Always only
      being pampered is running. Disgusting videos and 'sloppy little things' just have to be hidden.
      The Darknet protects people who do not enjoy freedom, even with deprivation of liberty and
      or threat to life. To a large extent, responsibility lies right in front of the tip of one's nose. And there is a magic word to protect yourself and not suffer any trauma from it: No!!!! to say.

  5. Very good guide. Thanks a lot for this!
    And all those who think you shouldn't publish such a guide haven't understood what it's about anyway.

  6. I always get the error message that there is a "page loading error" can this be fixed somehow? I have tried many links. With very few links it works

  7. I find it irresponsible to show people how to get on the dark web.

    Doesn’t make it even easier for the perverts and sick with instructions and tips….

    Find that awful...

    1. Daniel

      Why is that terrible? The dark web isn't evil or bad just because it's called the dark internet. It's always like this: the unknown is scary at first. And: Only the bad guys romp around there. Lafina, you are the best example of this!

    2. Perverts and Sick is a system that creates perverts and sick.
      So what's more perverted in the end:
      a.) To believe that there are only "mentally sane" outside of the Darknet and to suppress realities
      b.) to use a medium, which of course also attracts a few deranged people and criminals, but can better protect my informal integrity
      Question mark?

      But surely sheep like you also believe that the whole arsenal of war and weapons on this planet is paid for with "darknet cryptocurrencies" and not with "dreamland dollars".

      Wake up, reach for knowledge, then you will fly out of paradise. Or keep your hands off the sweet fruit and everything stays as colorful and beautiful as you paint it.

      1. Very easy to read writing style. I like it. And hats off to your perseverance in explaining the real meaning of DW to those present here who are obviously less well-off. ???? Reminds a bit of a father who tries to teach his very young son one and the same fact over and over again. nvm In any case, I fully agree with you on the "censorship of information" point. Lately I have been able to perceive a slightly increasing tendency of our national population to question current politics and their actors. DW is an excellent place to expand your knowledge horizons in these areas or to join quite interesting discussions. I am very sure that DW will soon be a deeply integrated tool in our society. And that's just as well

  8. better question. Why are there more bad people than good people on the Darknet? Or why doesn't the plz use the abilities of internet-sherlocks for themselves? Get them in the boat and so … ?

    1. The Internet Sherlocks should have been on board for a long time. The Darknet is mostly populated by people who want to avoid censorship. The illegal offers are a consequence of this possibility. Because circumvention of censorship always means that laws are circumvented. The “bad people” take advantage of this.

  9. Honestly. If a lot of things are illegal on the Darknet, then I'm already wondering why the author gives a hint how to get there? Out of interest I clicked on the link. Of course, the hint came that one eg. shouldn't buy weapons, etc., but there are always some idiots running around somewhere who don't heed such advice. Therefore I would personally be in favor of deleting this link or this instruction

    1. We believe that the benefits of the so-called dark web outweigh the risks. Look: If you really want a gun or drugs, you can get them elsewhere. Or to put it another way: Criminals already know how to do it – so deleting these instructions would not help. You could use the same argument to argue for wiping out the internet itself, or banning cars. Because, as you say, there are always some idiots walking around. Apart from that, buying illegal goods on the dark web is not like Amazon: it requires quite a bit of criminal energy! And if you're stupid enough to just buy a gun or 2kg of cocaine and have it delivered to your home... well, they'll probably get caught, and rightly so.
      Now you're probably wondering about the benefits. That, too, should be explained: Originally, the Darknet – or the onion network – was intended as a censorship-free space. People in “rogue states” can exchange information here without having to fear reprisals. Normal Internet is not possible in these countries because it is blocked, spied on and censored everywhere. By the way, another point why we will not delete the instructions. Because even a democracy like Germany can quickly tip over if only the wrong politicians take the wrong steps. In this respect, we – and you – could need the dark web at some point. It is all the more important to know how to do it!

    2. Why on earth do you have to put such a guide on the internet? I agree. Should be deleted soon

      1. I already explained: The Darknet is NOT intended for criminals, on the contrary: It is there to create an injustice-free space, for example in dictatorships or something. Unfortunately, it is in the nature of things that criminals also romp around in such places. Visiting the Darknet is therefore not illegal. The illegal content that can be found there in some places, but of course it is. If you are referring to the current case in the media, the killer could have uploaded the video to his website, YouTube or anywhere else on the "normal" web and gotten applause for it. The difference is that the video cannot be deleted on the dark web unless the site operator wants to do so himself.

        And that is exactly the core of the Darknet principle: Nobody can be identified here, nobody can delete anything from the outside.
        What is of course bad in cases like the current one is vital and important in dictatorships. And so everything has its upside and downside.

      2. Hello Christian, I wanted to wish you a lot of courage and perseverance with some limited users here :D
        May I ask what this video is about? Unfortunately, I didn't notice anything about it and I can't find anything about it on Google. Thank you and best regards,

  10. thanks for the great info page. A technical question: "why can't you open the pages with a normal browser, even if you enter the correct address directly, i.e. without searching in google.

      1. In general, I don't mean via search pages, but also if you enter the address directly. How does this work? it's still the same network, as the author nicely explained

      2. Oh yes, of course: If you have a Darknet URL with the ending .onion, you can of course also enter it directly into the URL line of the browser (where you usually "search". If necessary, write https:// in front of it , so that the browser understands that you are not searching.

  11. if i enter a link on the hidden wiki page, it doesn't open and it just loads...and do i have to leave the "generally forbid scripts" function active?

      1. it's that simple, I didn't think it was that simple either
        if you downloaded torbrows go to this one
        (Removed. Please no darknet deeplinks!)

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