Amazon: package against password? uh, no?

Amazon only delivers some packages against OTPs - or not, because I don't take part in that!

I've been an Amazon customer for a whopping 23 years and I've never been as annoyed as I am today. I wanted to order two smartphones - and that was only compulsory because the damn manufacturers no longer deliver updates and thus declare completely sufficient hardware (here Pixel 3a) to be an environmental mess. And then Amazon tells me in the checkout area: Delivery only against a one-time password. Dear boys and girls – nope.

About a year ago there were reports that Amazon would now also take care of parcel delivery for expensive deliveries (whatever that means exactly). OTP's introduce. Means: When you place your order, you will receive a one-time password by e-mail, which is valid until the day of delivery and must be communicated to the supplier - on site, at the door. Sense of the thing: security. So it's no longer enough just living at the delivery address, no, you also have to prove that you have access to the email account. So that's what it's supposed to achieve.

What it really achieves: I order from media market. OTPs for packet handovers are utter nonsense. There's a fairly well-established way of verifying identity -- it's called ID. And if someone else should accept the package? Is there also a solution for that Power of attorney, where an OTP actually has its appeal. DHL messengers and branches have the receipt acknowledged, and the package is delivered with legal certainty. Amazon messengers never wanted a signature from me, often enough packages end up at unspecified residents, and of course they don't have a branch to hand them over.

If everything perfect running, an OTP may at least work: I am personally at the door anyway, I know the password by heart (well, let's see...), the Amazon delivery man understands me clearly and can immediately verify the password and then little singing birds come along unpack my package, carry me into the apartment and then cook me something.

What if things don't go perfectly? Delivery against signature at the neighbor? no Password not ready by heart: Wait a minute dear supplier, I just have to boot my computer for 10 minutes, log in and print out the password... Or if the smartphone battery is empty, then it might only take 5 minutes. I'm not a tech? What the heck is an OTP?

Just why?

So what's the nonsense? Well, of course you can argue there. The messenger will probably enter the OTP presented and an app will then release the handover - this is also proof that the successful OTP entry should be logged. In contrast to the signature is with it no contact necessary! A neighbor's signature may also be legally sufficient, but if he denies having signed something, who will call him? graphological reviewer? Or if the neighbor actually did not sign, but "someone"? With OTP, it doesn't matter - whoever has the correct OTP is the legitimate recipient. So there could definitely be advantages for Amazon. For Amazon!

Before which scenarios can an OTP protect at all? Before thieving Neighbors? Theoretically, certainly, but who steals from the next-door neighbor's door and signs for it? Before thieving roommates? That too, but if you live in such a flat share or family, you should have completely different problems ... Vor hacked Amazon accounts? Yes, but an ID does the same thing. Before thieving non-neighbors? Some couriers sometimes drop off packages two streets away, not with neighbors, but with complete strangers – perhaps the reluctance is less there, although then of course they would still sign for the theft… From thieves messengers? Definitely, an illegible signature on the scanner, a tick next to "Hand over to a resident", done quickly and relatively safely.

The potential problems with neighbors, roommates and hacked Amazon accounts can now be countered with established remedies: handover just at the delivery address and if necessary just to the recipient himself, to be proven by means of an ID card (as in the parcel shop, too...). The courier himself could of course forge it - here it is the person who verifies. What the messenger could not forge: An OTP - here it is technology that verifies. Perhaps the last sentence on the only good will "Source of Information" Amazon's website to be mentioned is the key: "Don't tell the driver the one-time password over the phone." Surely drivers with packages won't have escaped?

Safety always comes at the expense of comfort. And yes, I also recommend users to use things like two-factor authentication and password safes - more security, less convenience. But with the package OTPs I only see security benefits for Amazon and decline in comfort for customers. Well, as a digital power of attorney, an OTP is certainly a convenience gain, but that's not the point, it's more of a nice side effect.

All rolls in me scream: As a journalist I see bad press and (further) image damage, as a trained retailer I miss the "customer is king" attitude, as a customer I don't want to deal with things like "OTP" and as a former BSI employee I miss it I also need any transparency - anyone throwing around any crypto stuff should also provide information on how the OTPs are created, how they are sent and verified. Only the role of information manager could perhaps gain something from the concept, that was such a degree, that actionist management ideas was quite open to …

I can't help but the more I think about it, the more this OTP handover stuff looks like Amazon is trying to protect me from their own delivery services. I would have established tips for this too: Hire drivers instead of subcontractors, pay properly and have good personnel take care of everything.

If you think OTP packet transfers are great and I've missed something, complain to me in the comments. If you don't like them either, complain to Amazon in the comments ;) And according to the motto "Money doesn't stink:"

Product prices and availability are correct as of the date/time shown and are subject to change. All pricing and availability information on https://www.amazon.de/ at the time of purchase applies to the purchase of this product.

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Mirco Lang

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  1. If the delivery person doesn't even ring the bell despite OTP...

    Ordered a TV for my elderly parents. I don't know why I took A either. Maybe Time pressure because we had to quickly find and buy a sensible device in the desired size and it was available there. So I'm partly to blame ;)

    According to Amazon, delivery should take place against OTP on day X.
    Then suddenly the package was delivered at short notice the day before, which I and therefore the parents didn't know until I was there during working hours, when I can only look at my cell phone at intervals and I was expecting delivery on day X and wasn't supposed to be X-1, nor did he feel the need to do that all the time.
    When I saw the unexpected delivery notification, I called my parents and gave them the OTP.
    I found out from them that about 30 minutes earlier, a person who wasn't very fluent in languages ​​had called them and asked about the OTP over the phone. At least because of the language barrier they took it to mean that he wanted to know the OTP. This seemed strange to them and they ended the call.
    About 5 minutes after my parents called him and sent the OTP, the tracking jumped to "OTP not available" without the delivery person ever showing up. Maybe he was standing at the door during the call. If so, he was gone before my Vadder ran from the window (no Amazon in sight) to the door.

    So it will now be delivered on day X.

    Now I just don't know whether the caller's linguistic deficit led to a misunderstanding or whether an attempt was actually made to request the OTP over the phone.

    Conclusion: This wouldn't have happened with an old-fashioned signature instead of OTP.

    1. That's crazy... OTP by phone didn't make any sense even in an OTP-isn't-totally-stupid world. The courier could then steal the package completely safely and would ultimately have clear proof of delivery.

      But sometimes you're not in it, recently a Lieferando messenger called me who was standing right in front of the door - instead of using the huge illuminated and easy-to-read bell system. Or today, DHL brings a package for me and I accept something for three neighbors - two of the neighbors' packages required a signature, the third and mine didn't.

  2. I'm just getting worked up about it and your post is at the top of Google, which is why I ended up here :)
    Yesterday I missed the Amazon delivery person at lunchtime by 5 minutes because I thought he would come back in the evening like before.
    Then the delivery tracking said “next day delivery attempt”.
    Today I've been waiting all day for delivery and can't leave the apartment.
    The delivery tracking now says “delayed” – whatever that means.
    Complete nonsense, the post office would have just put it in the mailbox or left it at the shop next door that accepts all packages.
    Where I live in the country, it's simply dumped on my doorstep and that's it.
    Goods: a hard drive

  3. I feel the same way as many others. 2 jobs, 6 days a week. DHL always at the pick-up point, Hermes at the gas station.
    Always worked well.
    Satisfied Amazon customer for years.
    Now thanks to OTP, delivery is virtually impossible because I live alone.
    Amazon had two driving forces: fast, reliable and uncomplicated delivery (via conventional parcel services) and absolutely unbeatable customer service.
    With OTP both horses got the bolt shot. I no longer receive deliveries and the telephone customer service is powerless. (“It comes from far above…”, end quote)
    I feel sorry for both of them: the driver, whose tour is lengthened by password searches and multiple trips, as well as the telephone operator, who has to listen to people's anger and can't do anything.
    By the way, the value of the package was 99 euros.
    It's pretty pointless to continue ordering from Amazon if the shipments are returned a week later.
    Oh yes: Delivery window: First Monday, then the Saturday before, then again Monday afternoon (was working), then Monday evening until 22 p.m. (no one came), then Tuesday (was working)… and so it will continue.
    Even Hermes is better...
    ... unfortunately not selectable.

  4. YOOoooo,
    Dude, the problem is that most people have become so comfortable and lazy. That you now need a digital password/account for every shit and you still have to agree, no matter how much sense or nonsense the whole thing makes. Because of the Internet - WWW - makes a lot of things easier, hahaha, that WAS in the 90s and maybe at the beginning of the 2000s. Today it takes me several hours to search and after that I increasingly have fewer or no hits at all of what I want and how I imagine it. I often give up when stressed and then just buy in retail. Of course, this is absolutely not for the comfortable and lazy of our species.
    Anyone who looks at the entire digital processing of purchasing transactions online will quickly realize that algorithms and passwords ultimately cannot guarantee reliable protection against misuse. Especially not when there are real people in this network, at whose interfaces, who criminally gain access and abuse it in order to harm others. Honestly, why should the consumer or customer always be responsible for the additional security effort involved in a data-related operation or process? In my opinion, the liberalization of data protection laws, especially on the Internet, has only had one effect: the fact that every online business is now more complicated for a buyer than a physical purchase in retail. This abnormal phenomenon is measurable. On the other hand, constantly updated general terms and conditions of the O dealers are increasingly taking on necessary forms for the customer. More and more purchasing platforms are giving themselves free passes for the handling of their processing processes in their so-called general terms and conditions, even if this indirectly means a worse situation for the consumer and his rights. The whole thing becomes all the clearer when you look at the constant unilateral changes (> several times a year) to such general terms and conditions, which sometimes take on grotesque forms. With what authorization, please? Various DS laws have made this madness possible in recent years and are responsible for the fact that legal certainty in online transactions is being increasingly undermined. I don't need to mention who ends up being stupid... just think of all the exchange and return wars you've already waged, right up to the O-dealers from whom you can still get money or goods today! I can already hear the moans. This is also an attack on the right to self-determination of everyone affected by this... And it is also criminal if you look at how your contractually guaranteed and paid for property is handled or not.

    No dude, Mirco is rightly pissed off and it's good to know what kind of crap Ama is dealing withn is running. Free riders like Ey and others like him will definitely follow suit soon.

    Number 5… still alive

  5. OTP may be an option for people who are at home all the time.
    But this reduces the entire Packstation system to absurdity - even Amazon's own lockers.
    I can't even send to a post office that even checks my ID every time. It doesn't actually get any safer.
    So this actually seems to be just an excuse to switch to the cheaper Amazon delivery services.
    I might even be willing to invest extra costs for DHL – for the sake of customer friendliness.
    But I will probably switch to other mail order companies unless other advantages (price, extended return period) speak against it.
    For example, I would have gotten my last Black Friday product for the same Black Friday price in the manufacturer's shop...

  6. Ordered 2 cheap cell phones the day before yesterday. Almost 700/- No OTP.
    Ordered 2 SSDs and bits and bobs yesterday. Good 400,- No OTP
    Ordered the same cell phone today as the day before yesterday. Just one and it's a little cheaper. Almost 300,-
    Thank you for your order. You need an OTP to receive it.


    Identical addresses. Identical payment. Even ordered from the same computer. Everything is identical except for the goods, the day and the amount.

    I'm starting to think the OTP thing was something Malte™ came up with when he was having a particularly bad day.

  7. And besides. If someone doesn't receive a package because it's stolen and the package is of course expensive, then that upsets people. But when a mechanism ensures that something is protected, people get upset.

    And yes, of course you can do this with your ID. However, isn't that much more idiotic?
    Because no one else you want to authorize can accept the package. Because how is the postman supposed to check whether the power of attorney is correct?

    And the fact that it takes 10 minutes is such nonsense. You will be informed in detail beforehand how the OTP works. And if necessary, you can print it out beforehand.

    The next thing is that it is not necessarily intended to protect against theft from neighbors, but rather against theft if the package has been left at a storage location, for example in front of the door. And yes, it's not difficult to take away such a package.

    And DHL wants a signature, well after they introduced contactless delivery in 2020 that is no longer the case.

    To be honest, you can't please anyone anymore these days.
    If the package was stolen, that's stupid. But a guarantee that the package will be delivered to authorized people is also stupid?!

    1. Unfortunately, this doesn't quite work:

      • ID card: The messenger does not have to check the power of attorney, it is granted by specifying a desired neighbor online, we are not talking about documents issued by the notary... To pick up from branches, you could also obtain powers of attorney from the delivery person, for example from Post.
      • Storage location: OTP “protected” packets are not simply stored at a storage location because an OTP is required, so they do not provide any protection.
      • Contactless: If the delivery service does not require a signature, that is their risk.

      And 10 minutes is nonsense? Not everyone is a techie, not everyone has emails on their smartphone, informing doesn't always work, and many people don't even know what an OTP is supposed to be. And print it out? Really? In 2023? I would first have to request my carriage by fax to get the printer from the basement... then it would take even longer ;) But even if it only took 5 minutes, the messenger would have already left.

      I still don't see how an OTP can protect me as a recipient. Ultimately, private individuals as recipients are in a good legal position compared to retailers and delivery services; even terms and conditions that allow suppliers to deliver parcels in their neighborhood are probably considered legally vulnerable; There's a nice legal one here Article on the topic.

      For me, the only useful scenario remains to make theft by suppliers themselves more difficult - because signatures can be forged (which could of course be clarified in a trial, but here the emphasis is usually on the subjunctive), OTPs cannot.

      1. Hello Mirco,
        I've had a number of packages, not just from Amazon, supposedly or actually left in my mailbox, but simply couldn't be found (including expensive shipments). The solution to the puzzle: The delivery person doesn't even try to check whether anyone is at home, and we have very active thieves hanging around. They manage to get better secured mailboxes even with a “comb”.
        Amazon always reimburses the costs, but it's frustrating because you have to order again, the items may no longer be available or are more expensive (I know, you can insist on a replacement, etc., but that's even more rampage).
        With the password, the delivery person is forced to ring my doorbell or the alternative address I provided. I give the password to my dear neighbor.
        If I receive it myself, the delivery person has always found the time to check the Amazon app with me - it takes less than a minute.
        Amazon always announces when the delivery will take place, with a small time window and a display of where the delivery person is currently. No other supplier can do this, not post office, especially not UPS, DHL or GLS. I can live with that well.
        And I don’t have to know what OTP is – Amazon says: Password required.
        So, for me it's a well-rounded and safe thing, and not too complicated for me either (I'm over 70). Then why for a “nerd” like you, Mirco?
        PS: I've still been a fan of yours for years.

    2. Imagine that there are activities where you can't constantly pull out your cell phone and check whether Amazon has already issued the OTP. This is only issued when the shipment is loaded into the delivery vehicle. And on Amazon that's around 12 p.m. After all, you allow yourself a delivery window until 22 p.m. This fact alone makes it difficult to receive a broadcast, because where to send it? To the workplace where there is no one at 22 p.m.? Home, where no one is around until the end of the day and the neighbor doesn't have the OTP? There are countless jobs where you are not allowed to look at your cell phone at all for 8-9 hours or only briefly during your lunch break. In contrast to school, these parts are often prohibited in the workplace.
      And now?

    3. hey Leon,
      Security is okay... but only if it is done correctly. If Ama... Do as you want and it will be shit!
      Example: I ordered on Thursday and the package was supposed to arrive on Saturday. Surprise ! With OTP! Whatever, I'm home. But I didn't expect the delay. I happened to have Monday off. Package still not there. No more vacation today and delivery is going nowhere. Everyone in the house and even the neighbors on the street (watch out, another surprise!) go to work. Next delivery attempt: tomorrow. Even then no one will be there. I can't even stick the password on the mailbox (I have to live with that risk) because it's only valid for 1 day and the new password doesn't come back until later in the day.
      I would have to take vacation or at least 1/2 day off.
      That will not happen. Then the purchase goes back. And damn, I would love to know THAT before ordering! Then I can decide whether I want to receive the delivery that way. As a compulsion or at random, that's a lot of crap and I can only completely agree with the thread author.

  8. It gets even better: Mail from Saturday - package arrives on Thursday, mail Monday 1 a.m. - package arrives on Wednesday, mail Tuesday 11 a.m. - package arrives today (shipment tracking says from 17 p.m.). How many days should we reserve and reschedule for Amazon just to give a number??? All other services put the packages in the designated package box - and it's good.
    We live on the outskirts of a small town in Upper Bavaria, have never complained about anything on Amazon, never even returned anything and are 60+. So the classic clientele for online scams ;-) And when it comes to the delivery person, then Amazon should take care of it themselves and not steal our time.

    1. You can also choose when you would like to receive the package. Secondly, this is to protect that no unauthorized person takes the package. And yes, maybe that doesn't make sense in a small village. But if I remember correctly there aren't just small villages.

      1. Read first, then answer! A small town is not a village. And if the approach is selective, then it would also be possible to incorporate appropriate criteria. And last but not least: the package didn't arrive in the announced time window. What good is a desired date if the times specified by Amazon themselves are not adhered to?

  9. This one-time password is the greatest idiocy, for 2 reasons:
    1. Are postal parcels insured, if I'm not mistaken, up to 500 euros (or more expensive for an additional charge). A loss will therefore be replaced even without an “OTP”.
    2. I live in Switzerland, but I often order from Amazon.de because of the sad online shops in this country (few pictures, hardly any descriptions, hardly any reviews). Not to mention the price.
    I can bring most goods from the EU across the border duty-free up to 300 francs. On the other hand, if I have Amazon send me directly to Switzerland (which only works for a few purchases), I not only pay a hefty flat-rate customs fee, but I also have to drive to the nearest customs office (approx. 40 km one way).
    So I rented a virtual mailbox in Lindau (borderpaket.ch), which even forwards it to Austria for a small surcharge, where I pick up the delivery near the border and transport it across the border duty-free (up to 300 francs).
    That's no longer possible with the crappy OTP, because I get the email about 2 hours before delivery to the acceptance point in Lindau (which is exactly when it's lunch break when I want to call the OTP). And the Amazon driver arrives around 14 p.m., just after the lunch break. If there is no OTP, the delivery will be sent out again the next day - with a new OTP. And the crap starts all over again.

    To quote Liebermann, I couldn't eat as much as I want to puke.

  10. First time that I receive a package with OTP.
    The email came in the morning, so there was enough time to write down the few numbers.
    But then the delivery, well.
    I always stand in front of the house because you can see online that the car is almost there.
    I live at 10, so I'm standing in front of the house and see the driver delivering to 12, stroll to his car, talk to him, he happily scans 4 packages, we then chat about who I am, number 12, 10, or 8th,
    and what is? According to the app on his phone, he MUST first put 3 packages in the 8, then 1 package in the 10 (where I also live) and only then can he take the package with the OTP out of the car and hand it to me.
    Such a snot. I felt like an idiot.

  11. boooah what kind of person are you??? The only one doing something STUPID here is YOU.. it doesn't matter if I take the package with ID or password... no difference.. what's the problem?? Do you get money for badmouthing Amazon... so stupid... other companies offer NOTHING at all, no ID card shown, NOTHING is there anywhere when you order. Amazon has password security, a damn good idea, and you just write nonsensical s…. specially boot the PC and wait etc...??You WISELY write down the password BEFORE. very easy. wtf? “if everything doesn’t work”? What shouldn't work? Are you too stupid to write down a short PW and read it out? Who says you have to know it by heart? what absolute nonsense I have rarely read as much stupid shit as you have here………and issuing a power of attorney is no more annoying and complicated than simply passing on a password to someone or…..no….gosh……and Amazon is great and you can have it delivered to a packing station (which is not possible with many others...) Unfortunately not for expensive items, which should be changed, but with a car it's ok... with ID would also be an option, but pass on the car It's just easier and more customer-friendly than having to issue a special power of attorney because you have to print it out and sign it, etc., not PW... just say, done... much easier... It's just you making everything complicated, apparently you want to make it complicated, either you pay for it... or you like to take your frustration out on innocent people...

  12. Hello

    This happened to me exactly today too. The delivery person was there and wanted a password. My wife “huh?” What do you want?
    The password to be able to deliver the package.
    Well, we don't have a password. Signing is not possible. So we can't accept the package. Really stupid – for Amazon.
    I'm looking around at other shops.

    1. Exactly the same as mine. My wife was at home and didn't know about a password. I received it by email at 11.30:14 a.m., delivery was at 3 p.m. It's just a shame that I don't have a cell phone with me at work. Funnily enough, the dishwasher that I ordered 500,00 weeks ago for XNUMX euros was in the yard without a password. Amazon, what is this???

  13. When this crap was introduced, I thought to myself, “Well, then I’ll force Amazon to ship with DHL.” No sooner said than done. Registered with DHL and had everything sent to Packstations and DHL branches from that day on. DHL = no one-time password. Well, too many people probably thought that. Amazon's new tactic at the end of 2023 "The item in your shopping cart is too expensive to be delivered to this pickup point." At first I had to laugh out loud. DHL stations & branches are far safer than your good-for-nothing shipping service. The problem is somewhere else, you don't feel like paying DHL, your own courier is so much cheaper. Not true?

    Yes Amazon, that's it for us. I don't order anything there anymore and Prime is canceled too. I really don't feel like doing that crap anymore.

  14. Yesterday was my 50th birthday and a device ordered from Amazon in my name and my address had to be my gift. But….
    To say that I am very annoyed or angry is an understatement.

  15. Hello folks,

    Also had the OTP password problem on Amazon.
    I solved this by refusing to accept every package that came with OTP, so the package was sent back to the supplier. I always informed the supplier that packages with OTP would not be accepted by me.
    Then I ordered the item again, I repeated the whole game until my packages came again without OTP. But I had to reject and send back 30 packages until something changed.
    Costs are what you can use to put pressure on a company, in this case transport costs.

  16. Violent. I stumbled across it last year.

    Now, a year later, it's even on the article pages. I usually have everything delivered to my Packstation by DHL because I'm not at home anyway. I can't give a password to a third person either, because I live alone in the household and don't know when neighbors are at home. Shipping to the Packstation should actually be secure enough here, because I need an activated smartphone and my access data for the DHL app and the QR code, which is updated every 100 seconds, for collection.

    The joke: I order a smartphone for 1.099 euros in mid-August. Will be sent by Amazon without hesitation.

    But a tablet for 380 euros should I only get a password at the end of August?


  17. I'm actually afraid that the only reason for the OTP is internal fraud at Amazon. I can't think of a plausible use case for the rest, as you correctly presented. It's a shame that the symptom is once again being tackled instead of the cause.

    1. Nearly.

      Customer fraud should also be prevented: the driver leaves the package in the hallway/in front of the door. Customer says, "Where's the package?" Amazon refunded.

      Experienced more often in the circle of acquaintances.

      1. Precisely in this case, receipt has always had to be acknowledged with a signature. If a package is dropped off by the supplier at his own risk without a receipt, it doesn't matter whether the OTP or signature is missing.

      2. The drivers now take a photo when they have left the goods in front of the door or at another desired location.

      3. Not only that, the seller is responsible for the package until the customer holds it in his hands. He can make a whole film or give it to his neighbor. Nothing relevant

  18. Hello wanted my package today, but the supplier said I need a password, I understood the passport because the supplier spoke a little broken German. I give passport but supplier meant need password. I speak so which password, supplier must stand e-mail address. I so what email have 5 addresses. Talk to supplier, don't have time, have to drive other customer, take package and drive away. I look stupid like I saw a UFO and close the door.😄

    1. Yes, that's exactly what happened to me, it's really a joke with the OTP. Ordered a vacuum cleaner for 120€, when ordering it said that I had to sign the receipt, nothing about a one-time password. So I wait and then an Amazon driver speaks no German, I don't understand anything, he takes the package back😮Other orders are delivered in the evening, the bell rings once, the goods are left on the doorstep and gone.
      Once like this and another time with OTP🤔😀I don't understand anything😇

  19. I made a purchase on Amazon yesterday worth €106. Today I got the shipping mail with reference to OTP. The delivery should take place TODAY. However, I have not received an email with the OTP, nor is there an OTP for "track delivery". Let's see what that will be. But it should work normally. Had this a very long time ago. There was no OTP and the messenger hadn't asked for any either. Presumably, if none is sent, the messenger has none in the system to query.

  20. For many years I have had thousands of packages delivered to my door without any problem. And now Amazon wants a code, so I should be there... That's really a successful self-sabotage.
    Ebay is happy about the imbecile who has committed nonsense.

  21. I just complained to Amazon, yesterday a courier wanted to deliver my package, but I have the tilers in the house and couldn't get to my PC, the courier was said to be there today, LOL I was at home all day as usual, plus 3 tilers , but no one rang, and because of a code, you sent me a NEW one today, the info is either wrong, or even at Amazon the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing!
    Whatever, I'll get bigger things somewhere else, unfortunately there's no alternative for DVD, BD, because Mediamarkt and the like are not willing or able...
    And why all this, my thesis: The drivers who don't have enough time to bring their packages to the customer simply put the stuff in front of the door (I've had it soooo often) and the customer thinks, Ha, I've got it never get,. I can make 2 of them right away or for free, or the driver has collected it, or someone who happened to be passing by has collected it. Whatever happened there, instead of fighting the root of the problem, it's passed on to the honest customer, but I'm out now!!!!
    Updated the delivery fleet, which only delivers personally or to the neighbor, ??? others do the same, and it works, but no, Jeff has to earn MORE money to fly to Mars, that's only possible with cheap sub powers, no thanks.

    1. Unfortunately, DHL is also getting worse and worse, it is more and more common for packages to be driven directly to the next branch instead of being delivered, which of course means that the parking permit is ignored.
      You can request a second delivery, but it will also be ignored.
      Picking up at the branch is not possible for working people, first bad opening hours, secondly if you happen to have free time there is no parking space nearby and of course no stopping on the street thanks to bicycle lanes. I don't lug big or heavy packages all over the city center...
      Only DPD and GLS are still reliable here.

  22. I just ran into this exact hurdle. I generally send to the DHL Packstation. This is not possible with OTP. Complete nonsense. Then I just buy DA where no OTP is necessary.

    1. If you have had the shipment sent to the packing station, you will not receive an OTP !!!!! OTP only when delivered with Amazon messenger.

      1. Yes, but sometimes you can't have such shipments delivered to the packing station! Delivery cannot be made to this address! And now? This inevitably comes via Amazon messenger. Now you have to take vacation, hope that you get a one-time password and that the courier actually stops by on the delivery day.

        Great system!

  23. I will never order a high value object again from Amazon. Yesterday the delivery guy was here, ask for the code, l gave him and he said it is not working 😡 ,the same story , he confirmed me that he would be back in the evening. Yes he came back, I tracked his car on Amazon Navigation, but nobody ring the bell and the status of my order changed to DELIVERED!!!
    This guy should be south. Amazon knows how is the delivery guy. But they just said that they are sorry for the inconvenience!!!!!

  24. I will cancel or return any delivery with Amazon in the future, with or without OTP.
    6.00:22.00 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. is simply an unacceptable delivery time.
    Also, we don't need another exploitative delivery service.

      1. Fine. Thank you for supporting the big corporations in their practices, which they only try to enforce because of their market power.

        Since the delivery times between 6 a.m. and 22 p.m. do not bother you, may I assume that you have few employment times?

  25. Another thought I missed in the article. In this way, Amazon also protects itself against possible attempts at fraud by the deliverer. Let's assume that the deliverer wants to deliberately embezzle a package, then the deliverer could confirm the presentation of an ID card without having seen it. He could also forge a signature. For Amazon, it is now statement against statement whether the customer or the deliverer is lying (and I unfortunately know from reports from third parties that some customers take advantage of the system and claim not to have received an order). But if the deliverer has to enter the OTP, he can be excluded from the chain of fraud (the customer would call the police if the deliverer refused to hand over the package after the OTP). Maybe this is a possible reason

    1. That sounds plausible and the thought occurred to me before. But then why is it so arbitrary?
      There was none for a 400 € graphics card, but for a bulky, larger fully automatic coffee machine in comparison, which the messenger couldn't even put in his pocket, for 350 € there was. Both 'neutral' in the smiling Amazon box so the contents weren't obvious.

  26. I wish I could provide every delivery with OTP, then the courier is finally forced to bring it to my front door, because for a year now, parcels have only been thrown into the hallway and that's pretty modest if you're physically handicapped!

    I can't understand the excitement about the fact that you're working and not not at home. If you know you're not at home, then order your s*** package in a shop and don't expect your neighbor to be the acceptance point.

    1. Thank you for your contribution Olaf.
      The reason why you are always at home and can accept all packages is certainly not nice. Maybe that's why you can't understand the problem?

      I don't have the opportunity to order my damn package in a shop at Amazon.
      So the only option I have is to either have an OTP order delivered to my home and hope that the Amazon courier will be late this time and I'm already back from work - or have it delivered to work and hope that the courier will come early.

      It's like rolling a 6 with ten dice, but only one has a 6 on it.

      1. @Lars
        So I shouldn't have anything I need during the week delivered until the following Saturday. Of course I spend all of it at home, because you don't know when the messenger will come between 8 a.m. and 22 p.m.
        The time information that you often (not always) receive at some point - and which no longer allows planning for the weekend due to the time of transmission - does not apply in 90% of cases.
        That's not an alternative for me.

  27. I just waited 30 minutes in the cold for a friend on Amazon. Our 'front door' is 50m away from my home. After all, thanks to OTP, I've finally managed to convince them to go shopping with analogue products. You can determine the time yourself.

  28. Hi,
    had exactly the same "problem" in front of the door yesterday. A coffee machine, value 300 euros. Tried to explain to the driver that I didn't get a 6-digit code and I don't want to get one either, because I've already paid for the goods, I opened it where the delivery address is on the package and I also have a valid ID could have shown… a day earlier, Amazon delivered me a 2000 euro TV without this hiccup!!!
    Will no longer accept such deliveries in the future and will cancel the order immediately!
    I felt a bit sorry for the driver, who by the way didn't speak a single word of German, because he was there twice... it's just a pity that I couldn't offer him coffee...

  29. I'm really shocked by the waves it's already made. I thought this OTP on delivery was a veeery new feature on Amazon because I first encountered it today. Just wanted to order a smartphone.

    When it comes to deliveries, I'm almost never at home. For about a year, hardly anything has ended up with the neighbors, instead the drivers ring the bell somewhere, get the front door opened, briefly call out "parcel for XYZ" and put it on the first step in the stairwell. It actually works well, there are ten apartments in the house.

    So delivery with OTP on delivery works better than ever for me. All that remains for me is to redirect every delivery in this mode to a parcel shop. This generally increases (my years of experience) the delivery time by one day and forces me to drive around the area to pick up packages.

    "As if they pick it up themselves!" would be the nice advertising motto.

    Since I can at least buy electrical and consumer electronics items from Saturn directly on site.

    And during my unsuccessful attempt to order today, after selecting the parcel shop, Amazon wanted me to fill out my IBAN and BIC for extra confirmation - they have had both for what feels like forever, because I've been paying by direct debit ever since. What shoud that? Unfortunately, I didn't have my Girocard to hand... I canceled the ordering process and deleted the shopping cart. Another dealer gets the money.

    1. You have at least one parcel shop. At least for me, since Amazon has sent its own deliverers, this possibility no longer exists...

  30. Doesn't work for me at all. I live alone and am never at home when the Amazon deliverer comes because I work. No neighbors far and wide or how should he know which neighbor I would like to live with. A package should arrive tomorrow. I not there. What's happening now? He'll probably send it back. Then I can no longer order from Amazon.
    Item value: 135 euros.

  31. I had a driver last week who simply didn't hand in one of several packages, there was a tablet in it and something less valuable. However, the package was listed as delivered to a resident in the Amazon app. The driver is now enjoying the tablet.
    This hasn't happened like this in the last 20 years, but it was quite annoying because customer service didn't believe you at first. The credit came today and I promptly made a second attempt.

    I'm actually happy about the OTP that was "buzzed" at me now. The driver can't mark the package as delivered until I have it and not just mark it as delivered and drive on, which I'm already afraid of.
    The only thing is really the situation of not being at home. I can live with that. During Amazon delivery times, I'm in the home office.

    I will probably do one more thing:
    If there is something expensive or important, I will probably only order this item individually in the future.
    With a stack of packages, it's difficult to see all of them at once.
    The drivers don't wait. Ring packages on the doormat and on to the next customer. No chance to tell what's missing.

    Conclusion: OTP makes sense when criminal drivers are on the road.

  32. For professionals, absolute crap. All parcel services including the postman know the storage location, DHL, Dpd, Post, Gls, Hermes, Amazon... Everything ends up there. I remember as a happy customer I was able to get hold of the PS2 directly with Release 5. Amazon delivers, drops it off, no problem. You come home from work and all the orders are there. Now the great one-time password... What a great invention, isn't it. You have to be at home from 8 a.m. to 22 p.m. Well, currently I'm putting off an order from day to day, either because I'm at work or because the delivery didn't work out... Let's see when I see the Amazon driver with the order... It really feels like 2015 , no contactless delivery possible, mandatory...

    1. I actually find the delivery window to be worse than the OTP or it is what makes the OTP so unsuitable in the first place.
      Before the introduction of Amazon's own delivery service in my region, I had all the purchases I made at A delivered to my place of work. Then came Amazon Delivery.
      I can't have it delivered to my home, I'm working and so are the neighbors. You can't have it delivered to work either, I'm there for less than 14 hours.
      With most other delivery services, you know approximately when they will come. Only Hermes comes here with me rather irregularly and only once a week. With DPD and GLS, the perceived time windows are somewhat larger, but are within working hours. Post arrives almost every 30-60min exactly every day. Sometimes Amazon doesn't come at all, sometimes early, sometimes in the evening... Absolutely useless!
      Is it the American principle to want to deliver everything to the porch? That pleases the thieves. Nobody gets a filing permit from me. This may work in the village but not in the city. If that catches on, Mark Rober can also place his glitter bombs with us and make YT videos out of them.

      1. Unfortunately, the problem with Amazon is that the tour planning is sometimes an absolute botch and you sometimes drive back and forth and without rhyme or reason through the area.
        Since the deliverers have the option of bringing forward stops, you can basically make your route much more sensible.
        The disadvantage is then again that you hit the customer several hours earlier or later. If it's then a stop with a password, that's understandably annoying for the customer.
        However, in extreme cases the driver can save up to 2 hours driving time.
        You don't think about it for long, because you always get paid for a full 5,6 hours, regardless of whether you're on the road for 8, 8 or XNUMX hours. So why artificially prolong the working day and follow the miserable (often but not always) route guidance?

        And believe me: the topic of OTP is even more annoying for the deliverer than for the customer! Especially since it seems so random….
        had already heard statements from customers that the item does not even cost €200, while other items for much more (coffee machine worth over €600) do without OTP.
        For my part, I have the suspicion that it could also have something to do with creditworthiness or to prevent fraud on the part of the customer. After all, in the case of non-personal delivery, you can always claim that the item didn't arrive or that it was stolen at the place where it was stored, and you're almost always right.
        Or you want to avoid theft on the part of the deliverer (specify the storage location, take a photo and take it back with you, someone else could have stolen it).
        So definitely the application of a password is not related to the item price!

      2. Never reported anything stolen. Just asked about a very delayed delivery with a 5-day delay (but that was only indirectly related to A through Amazon Payments).
        And since I hate going into the red, it hasn't happened to me in 25+ years. If you buy on credit (i.e. overdraft of the account, not real credit), you have completely different problems than an OTP ;)

        Since the deliverers in my delivery area change my socket more often than I do (and I'm clean!), it might also be the deliverer? Elsewhere but maybe at the receiver?
        There can be a variety of reasons.

        Another option would be smaller and expensive stuff? You cannot hide a coffee machine as easily as, for example, a graphics card or a mobile phone.

  33. As I'm employed (I know, a minority now) I can't accept packets with OTP.
    Then just go back, get a refund and I'll buy it somewhere else.

  34. I just experienced it again today. Especially since today I only know about this OTP. My value of the package is around 130 euros. It's by far not the most expensive thing I've ordered from Amazon. That brings us to the first point, which surprises me. I never needed this OTP and all of a sudden I need it?!

    Well, the package was originally supposed to be delivered between 12 and 16:45 p.m. I was at home all day extra. In the meantime, around 15 p.m., I got the message that there was still one stop ahead of me. I had already gotten ready and sat with the OTP written down like a monkey on the whetstone in the starting blocks. At 15:30 p.m. it suddenly appeared that there were still a few deliveries ahead of me. So I asked myself how? Why? I had even given my neighbor the OTP in case my doorbell didn't ring.

    Sooo, now what? I stood in the rain at the front of the street at 16 p.m. and waited there until 17 p.m. Only to read at the end on the Amazon page under my orders that a delivery attempt at 16:33 p.m. had failed. I feel slightly fooled by Amazon or by the delivery driver... I mean, nobody rang the bell, and they claimed that nobody was there. Now it's trying again the next working day, and now the weekend sucks.

    I'll keep you updated but I'm sure there will be a dejavu.

    1. Yes, the use of OPT's at Amazon also seems very random to many drivers.
      I have had customers myself who were surprised that their almost €150 item was marked with an OTP, even though they had already bought more expensive items.
      I also had a fully automatic coffee machine that didn't have an OTP and was worth over €600... So it's not just about the value.

      On the other hand, you cannot trust the delivery time information either, since the driving routes are often pretty crap and many drivers therefore do not make the stops according to the given information, but often as you think it makes sense. This can save you an hour, in really extreme cases even 2 hours.
      And Amazon as a driver is also welcome to do that, after all, more time also means more packages that can be delivered.
      God doesn't even know why the tours aren't planned better there in the first place.
      For customers like you who wait at home with the password ready and then no one comes, that's s**t, of course.
      Although you also have to say that unfortunately there are many drivers because the customer doesn't give a fuck and deliver the packages extremely sloppy, which is really annoying for people like me, who are already trying, because then you have to sign up for having to let the customer yell at your colleagues just because they threw the packages in front of your front door.

  35. The stupid thing is that I don't have a neighbor who will take packages for me. Because he would have to be at home when I'm not there. That's why it doesn't work. In addition, the password should come on the delivery day. But I'm already gone. How am I supposed to give the password to the neighbors. I discovered the password by pure chance, because I don't look at my Amazon account and certainly not at the mail from an external provider. I never check the emails that go there. This saves me from having to deal with a lot of garbage on my mail client at home. The e-mail address there is private and will not be used for orders or the like. The order value in this case is 129 euros, so not great. When I'm at home I show my ID like I do at the post office when I pick it up and everything is fine. They're popping up more and more at Amazon. Like, for example, that the Playstation with Horizon is only available by invitation, which I never received. Or you have to be a Prime member to buy a Playstation. When the Amazon guy comes, I'll switch on the computer in front of his eyes, log in, rummage awkwardly through the mails, misread me, etc. At some point they'll throw up because they can't do any more. If the spook doesn't end soon, I'll order expensively, refuse the password, everything goes back and on to a new one. My name is on my door, I answer the bell, if necessary I can show my ID and it's good. There will be no more from me! Two weeks ago I ordered something from Thomann for 1500 euros and received the shipment without any primbamborium. Also came with DHL and not – if I interpret Amazon correctly – from in-house shady delivery people. Anyway, if it stays like this, I'm unsubscribing from Amazon, the US corporate mastermind madness is getting worse and worse and needs to be contained.

  36. I also placed an order and then it said something about one-time password.
    I didn't know that, I heard about it for the first time. Although I have already ordered things where the entire shipment was then altogether well above what I am supposed to use it for now.
    The only problem is that I didn't receive an email with the password - as Amazon says it should be on the day of dispatch - and when I follow the path described in the Help/FAQ and look under My Orders -> Track Delivery, there's nothing there either.
    That crap doesn't even work!
    What do I do afterwards when the package arrives?!

    1. You don't see anything under track delivery because that comes with the Amazon Delivery Service..I have something like that today too..now I can sit and wait for whatever else the neighbors could accept - but they don't have that stupid one-time password - really sucks..apparently they don't trust your subs anymore...

      1. At the very end it came, the password (are a few numbers).
        The reference to the required password does not state (nor does the FAQ) that the password will only be sent when the driver loads the package into the car at the delivery center. It can be noon before he does it (second round?).
        This is totally irritating, because when you buy it says that it comes by email when it is shipped and the email "your order has been shipped" comes as soon as it leaves the warehouse.
        I found out about this when I called Amazon customer service.

    2. No second round dear bachus, the first waves go to Amazon at 10:05 for loading and drive about 30 minutes later from the yard, the last ones leave the warehouse around 12:15. At least that was the case at our location, but I think the times will be the same everywhere.
      One-day deliveries cannot be implemented otherwise and that is Amazon's greatest strength, which no other delivery service offers.

      1. Is it possibly different for different delivery areas?
        I received the OTP at 11:55 am on the day of delivery. And if it is true that it is only sent when the package is scanned and loaded into the car, that is quite late.

        For a long time, Amazon has only been able to deliver one-day deliveries for individual items. It is usually not announced the next day, but the day after that, even if you order before noon. I live/work (according to TNT) in a relatively convenient location (70km to the nearest A. center and 20km to the motorway). I can drop off DHL Express until almost 17:30 p.m. so that it arrives the next day (although they sometimes sell it). TNT picks up until ~4pm to make sure it still works. They have their centers near the aforementioned A. center.

  37. Just sent the boy away too, with a tablet.
    Discussed with me for minutes about a password I know nothing about.

    Bad luck.

    1. Ha! This is exactly what happened to me today. Stupid because I was waiting for the package... But well then, then don't. I've now ordered it from a retailer, via DHL. I will drastically change my ordering behavior and no longer use Amazon for more expensive products, possibly not at all. Other shops offer similar prices but hassle-free shipping via DHL.

  38. I hope that OTP will be abolished again in the long term, but I fear that it will be a few years (if at all). From which value the whole thing is triggered seems different to me, but as I have seen so far, it is probably the case that the crap is triggered from a value of "only" 140 € (you can see that with every item in the shopping cart!) … In any case, my only solution at the moment to circumvent the whole thing is actually quite simple, but cumbersome and annoying: A Packstation, either Amazon Locker or DHL Packstation (that would be my choice). In the future, I will only order items where the shopping cart shows me that a password is required.

  39. Went great! Messenger in front of the door hands in two packages that he ordered and asks for a password for the third one – never heard of that. OK – Amazon is said to have sent the password. Checked - no password sent. HM... what do I think about that as a customer? Ordered...paid...waiting accordingly for my property...also arrives in person....and the driver takes off with it!!!! Consultation with Amazon: will be sent again the next day. But I'm not there! Question from Amazon: Could the driver then leave it in front of the door?
    Of course, that much security must be!!!! Ridiculous and this is no joke.
    Best regards,

    1. Open the delivery status in Amazon DA is the PW - a 6-digit number code...I got it as an email on the 1st delivery - on the 2nd it was just at the top of the delivery status...reudig!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT - JUST at this moment the driver who hands me a package for the neighbors comes back - and also hands me MY PACKAGE...he forgot - BUT - HE DON'T ASK FOR THE CODE !! !….Oh GOD – doubly INCREDIBLE – it RINGS for the 3rd TIME – the GUY comes back – AND ASKS FOR THE CODE :-O AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH ! Amazon – are you serious??? man man man...

  40. Don't think the system itself is bad with OTP, but not even thought through to the tip of the nose. What if you go to work (a pity, I know...) And when you have free time you can wait for the package from 6 a.m. to 20 p.m.?!? So invest 14 hours of my lifetime (+ purchase price) for a 180€ table grill... with which some screws are loose....

    If the parcels were handed in at the post office or in the parcel shop (nearby well-known) in the event of "undeliverable because no one was found", that would be a great system, but it's just a clusterfuck like this!
    I have already written to Amazon that neither my job nor my assets depend on it if much less is ordered from Amazon and more from the competition.

  41. I was also able to experience the rubbish with the one-time password.
    Ordered 3 charge controllers to enlarge the island system PV. I was amazed when I placed my first order and luckily my wife was able to work from home.
    Then ordered a second identical one. Unfortunately the first offer is no longer available, but used by Amazon Warehouse. only 10 euros cheaper but identical device. Unfortunately a total letdown because the content is incomplete and the device is not used but defective. So I was fooled by Amazon there too.
    Charge controller 3 is supposed to come today and I am writing this text because I have to wait anyway so as not to miss the bell and other work cannot be done now.
    Charge controller for less than 150€ and such an effort.

    I BUILT A HUGE PACKAGE BOX WITH CLIMBING BARRIERS myself. Large things also fit in and now Amazon is coming up with such junk. Their deliverers were already too stupid to throw packages INTO the box and take a nice photo of it on the doorstep, right NEXT to the box. On the front door is the instruction to throw into the box ;).

    But since the smartphone technology, the stress of life with all the electronics, etc. is getting in the way, I can do without Amazon. my prime will soon end anyway, because I quit because of the hefty increase.

    But even Jeff Bezos has already said in an interview that Amazon will also fall, he just hopes it won't happen again. In the past, market giants have collapsed after decades because the structures have become too slow, complex and expensive, you can see that with such solutions now at Amazon. A huge distribution center was built in Oyten in the middle of last year, previously a large logistics company was there.
    This is still not in operation today, although a lot of things were probably already finished last autumn. Now the roads are paved again and again on the outside, etc. Millions are spent without benefit.

    Greetings from another exiled Sauerland

  42. So, Amazon has now completely done for me. Subscription canceled!!
    1. Does Amazon have the nerve to no longer be downward compatible with the app!
    Means I can only shop via browser, the app no ​​longer works.
    2. I am, thank God, employed!
    Just like my neighbors! Which brings problems with the new one-time password system.
    If no one is there, logically no one is there to take it, so you can't give the password to anyone! Sounds reasonable ?
    Discard and not finished? Then it's not possible to remain an Amazon customer!
    3. If no password was sent, delivery failed at 13:26 p.m. While a call to the service hotline can be like that, an email with a password arrives on the phone. Strange but too late. Courier was already 1,5 hours. away and password is only valid on the same day so tomorrow same theater with new password, no one there etc etc etc etc...
    4. In addition to this stress and confusion, PrimeAbo contributions would now also be increased from €69,00 to €89,90???

    Finished, done!!!

    That doesn't make sense anymore with Amazon!

    Subscription is cancelled! I know where to shop without stress and hassle!!

  43. I find the password idiotic. Then you are also called on the car phone by a purely English-speaking lady. Assuming one probably at Amazon. And that with a webcam for €100. As a result, the parking permit is taken ad absurdum. I canceled the order and buy such things from other mail order companies.

    1. Amazon protects itself against its suppliers who leave packages somewhere and then customers are so bold as to declare it not arrived. You have to look at the annual report, where millions were spent on packages that didn't arrive. If there were so many here, not so bold, and both sides would do their job, not everyone would have to suffer. But it's like the federal government, if someone messes up, everyone will be punished. So thanks to you!

      1. OK, so I'm probably a "tart" then? Our packages were marked as delivered but there were none. ! And by that I really mean there weren't any, We own a Ring Doorbell and I could see live on video the driver pulling the car up outside the door but not getting out! About 10 minutes later, my app said "Delivered" and the package was handed over to a resident. HMM, funny there was no one at the door and I don't think teleportation has been invented yet!

  44. Hi
    with the OTP is total crap!
    You only get the password about 2 hours before the delivery, which may be ok for the millions of unemployed Amazone customers who have nothing else to do than constantly check the mail inbox on the delivery day to see if the token has finally arrived.
    For me, as a professional who often has to let someone else accept, the system is not the best, on the one hand most employers are rather inflexible when it comes to private e-mails as well as mobile phones at work. For emergencies, yes, but not tolerated to constantly check whether the token has arrived.

    In my case, I would have to risk a warning to get the token, then try to call the neighbor and send him the token, how often will the neighbors do it?

    The bottom line is that I will order less from there in the future and will buy where there is no problem.
    The first orders have already gone wrong because the PW/Token was only in the mailbox 1 hour before the delivery date, which I have no access to during work itself.

    Well, the token is just annoying for me and I don't have the time for Amazone to increase security for free by being behind the token.


  45. So I think OTP is a good thing. If you want to know what Amazon understands by expensive – just ask Amazon. It's really easy and doesn't hurt at all.
    If, as shown in the example, the parcel messenger does not understand you, you should think about your pronunciation.
    If you order something with an OTP option, you know that you will get a PWD. Print it out, put a note next to the door and that's it.
    And with all due respect, OTP can ultimately do exactly 0 if the battery is empty at the decisive moment.
    So let's keep the ball flat. Also – as far as I know, no one is forcing you to shop at Amazon, right?

    1. Thanks for your feedback!

      That's right, fortunately nobody is forcing me, so the solution was now also Media Markt :)

      What the technical aspect concerns: Yes, I could do with OTP at the door, no question, but I still find it more annoying than showing ID. In fact, OTP can't do anything about the empty battery, but that it could be a problem. And for people who don't take technology for granted, the whole concept is a bit of a problem - starting with the question of what a one-time password actually is. As long as I personally accept the package, there is exactly no advantage in using a password instead of an ID card to identify myself - on the contrary, passwords do not have a photo of me.

      What the Aussprache concerns: Well, as a Sauerlander you often mumble a little ... I still remember phone orders for pizza in the 90s, which were misunderstood with wonderful regularity. Even if others have ordered. Speech is not particularly well suited to character-accurate communication. Express? My printer is dusty in the cupboard, the times are over - digitization ftw! Writing it down would be one option, but nobody can read my handwriting because I haven't written anything by hand for years - digitization ftw! And if there is a password comparison, why not solve it technically, for example via NFC? I order electronically, receive a password electronically, print it out in analogue form, read it to a messenger who digitizes it in an app... It's all just not round.

      The one with the Price unfortunately it's not that easy - I've ordered more expensive things without an OTP being specified (sales and shipping on Amazon). If I had to guess, I would assume that this was more due to the smartphone product category. But why should I even ask when there are alternatives? And why doesn't Amazon make this transparent right away? Which products? How are the OTPs implemented?

      And with that Ball, well, if I only criticized what I'm forced to do, I wouldn't be able to write about technology anymore. Damn it, I shouldn't even criticize Windows anymore, nobody's forcing me either - that wouldn't be life... ;) And logo, I may have inflated the OTP problem to an OTP problem, otherwise it's no fun either.

      That you don't share my technical concerns - okay, it's certainly not all that tragic. But to what extent OTP is a good thing is not clear to me yet - how does that help me in terms of security?

    2. Hallo,

      what kind of amazon fan are you??? Incomprehensible!!
      You probably keep to all the laws, no matter how stupid they are.
      You should think for yourself and not participate in everything.
      In the old days, all you needed was ID, you honk!!!

      I know you're thinking now, why am I just using your first name? Because I'm able to do it!

      1. This OTB password did not work for me on Saturday, after 3 incorrect entries I would automatically receive a new code from Amazon according to the Amazon messenger, but I only received the mail that the package was kept for 5 days and further steps would follow. On the same day we called Amazon several times because many of them didn't speak German and we didn't understand each other 100%. Then finally a lady who tried to help me: Parcel will be delivered on
        Next day Monday tries to deliver again. Today again on the phone with another employee. Result: She checks the process and calls again: But she only sent an email that: The package was probably lost and caused me to place a new order for which I don't have to pay again, but by October 8.10th or if I'm unlucky by have to wait until 9.11. It's about an iPhone 14 Pro Max. Stupid and my first really bad experience with Amazon and all because of that OTP one-time password. Amazon arranged a new order for me free of charge, unfortunately with a delivery time of 8.10. until 9.11

    3. Hello Michael,
      Have you ever read the things you wrote yourself?
      What you say here has nothing to do with reality. I think you live in the wrong world there.
      If the Amazon delivery boy doesn't understand you, it's not because of the pronunciation, but because the poor people don't understand German and can't express themselves in German.
      A tip for you: If you work on your spelling and punctuation first, it would be easier to understand you. You should also first learn when to use 'das' and 'dass'.
      You also lack the necessary decency and respect for other people.
      Good manners include salutations (e.g. hello, servus, good morning, etc.) and greetings (e.g. greetings, best regards, etc.).
      You should think about that and keep the ball low to say it with your words.
      I wish you a nice time and a lot of fun and success when shopping at Amazon.

    4. What's better about OTP than an ID card?

      Incidentally, Amazon apparently already considers 129 euros to be expensive.

      So what function the OTP has cannot be explained. But if they follow your advice and pin the password on a piece of paper on the door, the "good thing" is completely gone. If anyone takes the note and catches the deliverer, say the code word and have the ball. The OTP is a sick idea, but this suggestion is brain-bashed. Incidentally, OTP can do a lot to ensure that the battery is empty and you don't have a password, because without OTP all of this simply wouldn't exist. The empty battery is not the cause, but the effect! Got it?

    5. That's pretty narrow what you're saying. This OTP is given by Amazon, even if I don't want it, because they probably can't trust the drivers. If a driver doesn't understand me, which often happens, it's certainly not because of my pronunciation. Putting the OTP on a piece of paper next to the door is probably just as stupid as a piece of paper: "Key under the doormat." :)

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