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50+ dark web sites with links - updated monthly

v3 onion links by category, for the hassle-free Darknet flying visit.

We've had quite a few over time darknet articles published, including all sorts of link lists. With this article we summarize all the links and expand and update the list regularly. Main trigger: Over the course of 2021, the new v3 links introduced – the old links not working since October.

Dark Web and Onion

If you want to know what's on the dark web without going into the dark web yourself, just take a look our article about it on. Otherwise just open the Tor Browser and then best this page (i.e. THIS page ...) in it, then you can simply click on all the links below. But of course you can also simply copy them over manually.

You can totally read the pages below legal and risk-free to visit. But please understand the links to marketplaces, wallets and so on not as recommendations! The purpose of the Darknet is anonymity, trust should not be given to anyone there lightly. If you have had a specific bad experience with one of the sites: Let us know in the comments and they will be deleted. On the other hand: Of course there are official offers on the Darknet, for example Facebook or ProtonMail - you can then check the onion addresses on the respective WWW pages if necessary.

The Tip Also: There are of course also links to the normal Internet on Darknet pages – so pay attention to them if necessary. News aggregators, for example, often point to regular .com pages. And now have fun browsing the Darknet.

Addendum: In the Updates Pages that can no longer be reached are thrown out, such as those with an error message 404 Not Found. However, errors such as 502 Bad Gateway pop up – such sites remain in the list because they could be short-term technical or individual connection issues

Last update: 17.07.2023


Search engines, link lists


Social media, forums, chats

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blogs and information sites


dead links

Here are a few links that were not available when updating - but maybe come back.

Initial screen using this image from Pixabay.

Darknet: guns, drugs, whistleblowers
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Mirco Lang

Freelance journalist, Sauerland exile, (fairly old) skateboarder, graduate computer scientist, retail salesman, open source nerd, Checkmk handbook writer. Ex-Saturn'ler, Ex-Data-Becker'ler, Ex-BSI'ler. First contact with computers: ca. 1982 - a friend's big brother's C64. If you want to read more about open source, Linux and craft stuff and support Tutonaut here: About Coffee sponsorship via Paypal.I'm always happy. In advance: Thank you! Do not miss: cli.help and VoltAmpereWatt.de. New: Mastodon


  1. Hello Mirco Info I can only advise against the Escrow Service, in my experience it's just a rip off! Didn't work and money is gone! Email contacts come to nothing!

    1. Thanks for the tip, I threw it out straight away.

      And since the list then no longer contains an escrow service, the note for other readers who end up here: Escrow services mediate on a trustee basis between dealers and customers on the Darknet - however, the risk is simply shifted from A to B. And there that Darknet is anonymous, that can always happen: money gone, no contact possible.

  2. Hello
    Your website is very complete and accurate and it helped me a lot
    But in some sections, many links are old and do not open, I do not know why

    I found a very large search engine next to your suggested sites and wanted to share it with you
    Both a complete search engine with good overall results and a chat room!

    Put it on your site if you like
    Thanks for your good site
    You are great

      1. Official URL (v3):

        Our email: flamingosearch@protonmail.com

        basic info

        The goal of "FLAMINGONION" is ot offer quality search for .onion (Tor-hidden) websites. We crawl all URLs we can, to find as many .onion domains as possible.

        The final index results, is calculated by the content of home page (index-page) of each .onion website.


        No tracking! Just pure search.

        Simple to use.


        Full text indexing and search.

        Submit URLs to FLAMINGONION

        If you like to add URL address or .onion website to our crawler, please use the Submit form here.

        Contact FLAMINGONION

        FLAMINGONION is open to communicate with users, and .onion service-providers, or tech-enthusiasts, LE. Anyone Please send email to: flaminionion@protonmail.com

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