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Darknet: Why are so many links not working?

If onion links don't work, they are either outdated or the site is down.

You're not used to this from links on the web, but Darknet visitors know it: the page isn't even found. There are two main reasons for this: the site is down or the link is outdated. You can forget almost all link lists before 2021 as the old v2 links are no longer supported since October.

Outdated Links

Onion links have been swapped almost everywhere for the newer version v2021 over the course of 3, v2 links are no longer supported by Tor. The v3 links are simply longer, you can find a Tor post about it here. They still consist of tangled character strings, the names of the sites are more or less included in some cases and of course they still only work in the Tor browser.

There are now thousands of link lists on the web that have become largely useless. You will often find a year in the title, unfortunately some update "Colleagues" just the headline... But you can see current lists at a glance, the difference between old and new links cannot be overlooked.

Here is an old and a new address next to each other:

Neu: http://dreadytofatroptsdj6io7l3xptbet6onoyno2yv7jicoxknyazubrad.onion/
Alt: http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion

site is down

However, even current links do not always work. For one thing, there are many sites on the dark web that function more like pop-up stores: they open, run for a while, and then move or just shut down. Just windy Pages can only be found temporarily at one address. Other sites are taken offline by the authorities. Hobbies are not pursued. Data stealing sites have served their purpose. And so forth. This is much more common on the dark web than on the standard internet.

But sometimes pages are just not accessible because they are under heavy load or your Tor connection is bad. This also happens sometimes on the WWW, but super seldom.

Also on Tutonaut.de you will be in the Darknet area tripping over dead links. We're currently updating to v3 links everywhere, but if you still spot v2022 links as of February 2, please let us know in the comments. The same applies to v3 links that are no longer accessible.

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Mirco Lang

Freelance journalist, Sauerland exile, (fairly old) skateboarder, graduate computer scientist, retail salesman, open source nerd, Checkmk handbook writer. Ex-Saturn'ler, Ex-Data-Becker'ler, Ex-BSI'ler. First contact with computers: ca. 1982 - a friend's big brother's C64. If you want to read more about open source, Linux and craft stuff and support Tutonaut here: About Coffee sponsorship via Paypal.I'm always happy. In advance: Thank you! Do not miss: cli.help and VoltAmpereWatt.de. New: Mastodon

Ein Kommentar

  1. Oh well,
    How could it be otherwise haha ​​and why shouldn't the Darknet with its links and their functionality make people despair just as much??!

    ...we are very close to the end of the free internet anyway. Corporations and big media companies are currently distributing the very last free resources and are still discussing the final procedures for the final digital fingerprint.

    You can already see what that means if you take a closer look, for example if you just want to read something or get some information on a no-name Käsblatt site - which has opened completely. This is now possible in many places and - more and more often - only in return for advertising or taking out a paid subscription, where you are then saved for recognition anyway. Aaah... from where, we don't have mass data storage and - who actually says that?

    WikiPedia and other data platforms such as search engines but also ordinary links from companies, institutions or even private website operators like you and that one over there will then also take up this advertising or payment principle; in the worst case, the use of websites will only be for cash give – no matter in what form. Even the current general Internet use without data limits on the WWW will most likely no longer be available as a permanent flat rate - where would we get there... and the download first... oh dear, that doesn't work - just like that?! Waste of resources!

    I think... NO, I KNOW WE'RE going to see so many red-lined page references and exclamation marks in our daily round about surfing in the next few years that it's going to make us dizzy...

    In the near future, the Internet will be gradually completely dismantled into its components in order to then sell it NEW again - part by part - piece by piece to the user, only this time a little different... so completely different... This last step will be the END of something so far freely available, freely accessible and freely usable and open across borders, liberal WWW information network as WE knew it until now... After that it will be full of strangeness and stiffness. With algorithms and laws written for this purpose, the doors and entrances will SIMPLY be closed, or at least initially provided with a firewall for the masses! The Internet as we know it today, or what is left of it, will only be made available to select circles in the future, most notably the IT industry - of course! Well, yes, and a few (many) IT officials will definitely find it cool and sexy - at least from the tiny financial incentive that results from it. We have to understand that without their help in this treacherous future, everything else wouldn't work at all... as simple as that.

    Do you then just ask yourself how close the propagandized drumbeat - on the one hand, for a free, independent Internet - and, on the other hand, the penchant for financial incentives (because the job entails) will get into each other's way?! A rogue who thinks evil... In any case, there is no discussion about bonuses for special professional achievements. Yes, and where is the hacker guild that sees their free principles or intentions betrayed in this centralization and surveillance? Internal error… and Anonymous collective? Should one perhaps expect a miracle-like actionism to come in regards to the problem described above and possibly the conflict of interest?! Ultimately, many in this collective are currently (!) working in the IT sector, most of them very successfully. It's definitely not going to be one mask for another mask... yes.


    To ease the burden on the IT industry, I have to mention at this point that a lot of people there don't always approve of everything that happens and often can't do anything about it... even if they wanted to. So there are also the GOOD computer scientists and also very, very many who do it publicly, like here on the internet and on this site, which I think is great and which is not always entirely without risk... period! My criticism is aimed at those where important principles are no longer valid or have been completely lost at some point...

    Well, everyone can get their own picture of this eroding information society, which is shrinking and atrophied in terms of content and which is now passing by pretty much every asshole who has had a smartphone for more than 5 years. In any case, those who remain should say goodbye to the misconception of still believing that an antivirus program, a proxy or VPN and also a private browser could protect the user against maliciousness and deceit on the Internet or would be suitable protective measures to continue to be completely worry-free Package to surf... however you like.

    Number 5... is still alive and that's a good thing.

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