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Instructions: Connect Amazon Fire TV with Bluetooth headphones

The Amazon Fire TV is not only suitable as a video streaming box for Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co., but thanks to Amazon Prime Music (and of course Kodi) also ideally suited as a music source. Thanks to the possibility of pairing the Amazon box with Bluetooth headphones, this also works wirelessly - we'll show you how it's done. 

Using Bluetooth headphones on the FireTV

I was recently asked what the real benefit of a dedicated streaming box like this is Fire TV or the Apple TV compared to a modern Smart TV, which also comes with many streaming apps. At least for my living room setup, I can add a new item to this list with the ability to listen to music and movies via Bluetooth headphones. My LG TV has an Amazon Video app, but it doesn't have Bluetooth on board. That's why I'm excited about the option to output the sound from the Fire TV wirelessly via Bluetooth headphones.

Update: Not available for the Fire TV Stick

Before we start, an update from my side: Unfortunately, I messed up the original tuto and wrote that you also did the Fire TV Stick pair with a Bluetooth headset. Unfortunately that is not the case. Unfortunately, Amazon has limited the Bluetooth capabilities of the inexpensive stick and does not allow the sound to be output via Bluetooth. On the official info page from Amazon it says:

You can only connect compatible Bluetooth game controllers to the Fire TV Stick. Visit Connecting a Remote or Game Controller for more information.

Sorry for the confusion!

But now on with the normal text, for which Fire TV remains valid:

1. Go to Fire TV Settings

Navigate to your Fire TV's Settings and open the Game Controllers and Bluetooth Devices submenu.


2. Submenu "Other Bluetooth devices"

Anything not related to Amazon accessories and game controllers ends up in the Other Bluetooth Devices section of the Fire TV. So call this one.


3. Put the Bluetooth headphones into “pairing” mode

Before you continue, activate the pairing mode on your Bluetooth headphones. Usually you have to hold down the power button for a few seconds. But hey: If you already own this thing, you probably know how to do it ;-)


4. Connect Bluetooth headphones to Fire TV

As soon as the pairing is running, you select the menu item “Add Bluetooth devices” on the Fire TV. Ideally, your Bluetooth headphones (in this case, the excellent ones Magnate LZT 588) will now appear in the list. Tap on it to connect.


5. Hear Fire TV sound through Bluetooth headphones

If everything works, your Amazon Fire TV will report a successful connection to the headphones after a few seconds. As long as this exists, the complete sound of the box is transmitted via Bluetooth. So you can relax while listening to Netflix or Kodi music or whatever without disturbing roommates or neighbors. If you switch off the headphones, the sound is played back on the television.


6. Disconnect Bluetooth headphones from Fire TV

If you are tired of Fire TV Bluetooth nonsense, you can of course disconnect the headset again. Simply navigate to the "Other Bluetooth devices" menu, where you will find the headphones under "Paired devices". Select the entry, press the menu button (the one with the three bars ;) ) on the Fire TV remote control and remove the headphones using the "Enter" button on the Fire TV.


You can find even more tips and instructions for the Fire TV on our Overview page.

Order Amazon Fire TV (and support us ;) )

Boris Hofferbert

Freelance journalist, enthusiastic about technology since the blissful Amiga days, Apple desktop fan and Android fan on the go, gambles on Windows, can’t do without music (from classic rock to ska to punk) and audio books, likes to take postcard photos, always has at least two cell phones and is very happy about one coffee donation ;-)


  1. Hallo,
    Is there a setting option to "simultaneously" output the sound from the fire TV Stick 4K via HDMI and Bluetooth, so that I can play on two different devices (active speakers and FM transmitter)? Unfortunately I can only do this separately so far.

  2. Hi all,
    I've had the Grundig Fire TV for a few days.
    My Bluetooth headphones could also be paired straight away,
    ONLY as long as the headphones are connected, the Fire remote control does not work.
    Stupid that :)
    Anyone know advice? That would be great and thank you.
    If I expressed myself in a strange way, sorry, I'm not sooo
    the technology understander ?

    1. Hello Claudia,
      control your fire tv via wifi with the amazon fire tv app from your mobile phone or tablet, as long as you are using the headphones.

  3. Hallo,
    I too am feverishly trying to figure out how to regulate the volume with my simple in-ears. Does anyone have a solution?


  4. Hi all.
    Walter's question affects me too. I have a BoseSoundlink 2 connected to the Fire TV Cube. Pairing wasn't a problem, but I can't control the volume with the FireTV remote.

    Thank you

  5. Bluetooth headphones can also be used with the FireTV Stick. I tried it right away, works great.

    But thanks for the instructions - I had no idea that the FireTV even had Bluetooth on board.

  6. Hello Boris! Thanks for the great tips Just paired my August EP650 BT speakers with my regular Fire TV (2nd gen I think). Works great, sound totally OK. Thanks again and warm regards from Gunther from Ennepetal

  7. Hi Boris,

    I can pair my Blutooth speakers on my new FireTV Stick (2018). Luckily I still tried it.


  8. Hello Boris. Do you know if this only works with BT headphones or with any other BT receiver? (So ​​that you can, for example, output the sound via a normal amplifier that has a BT receiver?)
    And: Is that pure stereo sound, or can you theoretically also transmit DTS or Dolby 5.1 via BT? (I ask the question because I want to operate the Fire TV on a projector that cannot loop through the HDMI audio signal...)

  9. Hello, does anyone know if you can switch the permanent coupling somehow. Every time I start FireTv I have to pair my soundbar with FireTV. Maybe someone knows an advice. Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi all,
    Addendum Bluetooth headphones would not work with the Fire Tv Stick, I cannot confirm. I immediately paired my Dacom headphones with the Fire TV Stick without any errors in playback or the like.

    Greetings Carpazo

  11. Hello Boris,

    Thank you very much for the detailed explanation.
    This works very well.
    But I would like to have the audio output from the TV parallel to the Bluetooth headphones. Is there a way to use Bluetooth headphones without muting the TV?

  12. Hello,

    just saw that they use the same headphones as me. Hence my question under Kodi, do you have an offset from the sound?! Approximately 1 second, Stereo Upmix and Passteough are enabled. Would appreciate an answer very much.

    Christian Pysall

    1. Hello Christian,

      I have since exchanged the Magnat headphones (read more here ;) ), but had no problems with shifted sound in the test with the Fire TV. I'm currently using cheap NoName headphones, which also work fine. Both on Amazon Prime and via Kodi or in games. So unfortunately I have no idea what could be the reason :-/

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