Make Fire TV a network player with Kodi

The Amazon Fire TV has been doing its job for me for a few days. As in test As mentioned above, I'm quite happy with the mini box overall. On the one hand, this is because, as a Prime Instant Video user, I can finally get the films and series comfortably on the TV, but on the other hand, and above all, because the Fire TV works very well with Kodi (formerly and better known as XBMC). interacts. This makes the box a really good streaming player, which has completely replaced the Raspberry Pi I used for Kodi thanks to the top remote control and above all good performance. We will show you how to install Kodi / XBMC on the Amazon Fire TV.

Update: Kodi is now Kodi

Basically, the information in this tutorial is still up to date, but of course a lot has happened in the meantime. Among other things Kodi now finally Kodi, but what is more important is that there are now a number of alternatives for installing and starting the media center on the Fire TV or the Fire TV Stick. The best and easiest solution (in my opinion) for this is to install FireStarter.

FireStarter Kodi
FireStarter makes it much easier for you to install and launch Kodi on Fire TV

This is an alternative interface for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick that not only makes launching apps easier, but also makes installing Kodi a breeze. We will show you how to install and use FireStarter in our detailed instructions!

Even easier and (hopefully ;) ) permanently up to date: Install Kodi on Fire TV directly via PC and Mac. You can find out how in this guide.

Original tutorial

With Kodi / XBMC (sorry for the duplication of names, but since the renaming of the media center has not yet been completed by the creators themselves, we still use both names from time to time ;) your Fire TV becomes a real streaming all-rounder. The box then also plays Full HD videos smoothly, gets all kinds of Internet content on your TV via the countless plug-ins and is also suitable as an MP3 and photo center; You can also make your Fire TV AirPlay-compatible via Kodi / XBMC in no time at all - a nice side effect. The limitation: by connecting the USB port of the Fire TV, the data (at least without root) cannot come from a connected USB medium, but only from the network. In times when NAS systems but becoming more and more affordable and moreover more and more routers If you have your own USB ports for setting up network storage, this shouldn't be a problem in most cases.

Whether series and films, music or photos - with a little fine tuning your Amazon Fire TV becomes the perfect streaming machine
Whether series and films, music or photos - with a little fine tuning your Amazon Fire TV becomes the perfect streaming machine

A little foreword: We use this in the article Amazon Fire TV Utility, which makes setting up and managing the Fire TV on Windows extremely convenient. Download the latest version in the corresponding thread of the XDA forum and extract it to the "C:\FTV" directory on your hard drive. This is important because some scripts rely on the folder structure and will not work otherwise.

Under Linux or Mac OSX you have to do the steps as of now using the ADB command on the command line – you can find instructions on how to do this, for example in this video. Alternatively you can You Windows as well, of course download free virtual machine and complete the steps in a Virtual Box or Parallels environment, which will then also run the Fire TV utility.

UPDATED: André pointed out to us in the comments that the trick with the virtual Windows machine does not work with the ready-made VMs from Microsoft, since these are based on 32-bit architecture and the Fire TV utility requires 64-bit Windows . But you can do this with the Preview of Windows 10 reach, which is also available as a 64-bit version. Alternatively, you can also use the trial version of 8.1 Windows Enterprise download from Microsoft and set up a virtual machine with it; we will explain how it works in our guide.

UPDATE 2: The alternative tool adbFire offers an even more convenient method of installing Kodi and XBMC on the Fire TV under Linux and Mac OS X. We'll show you how it works here.

1. Find out the IP address of the Amazon Fire TV

Since the installation of Kodi / XBMC on the Fire TV runs over the network, you first need the IP address of the box. You can find this in the settings under "System -> Info -> Network". Make a note of the IP address or stay seated in front of the television. Alternatively, you can of course find out the IP address of the Fire TV via your router.

ws_ Fire TV Kodi _1

2. Allow ADB debugging and installing apps from third-party sources

Now you have to allow USB debugging and the installation of Android apps from third-party sources on the Amazon Fire TV. To do this, activate the two options under "Settings -> System -> Developer options". A tip: To prevent strangers from navigating things onto your Fire TV, you should switch off the options again after Kodi has been successfully installed.

ws_ Fire TV Kodi _2

3. Establish a network connection to the Fire TV

With the IP address you can now connect to the Amazon Fire TV. To do this, start the Fire TV Utility and click on “File -> Settings” in the menu at the top left. Here you enter the address you just determined under “FTV IP Address”. Also click on "Normal Debug Mode" under "CMD Winodws Status". This way you ensure that the command line windows remain open in the next few steps, which makes it easier to search for possible errors.

ws_ Fire TV Kodi _3

4. Download the appropriate Kodi APK

Now you have to get the right Kodi version for Android as an APK file. The latest version can be found on your Kodi / XBMC wiki in the section "Official builds". Download the APK file and preferably save it directly to folders using the Fire TV tool.

ws_ Fire TV Kodi _4

5. Install the Kodi app on the Fire TV

Now the preparations are complete and you can start the actual installation of Kodi / XBMC. To do this, click on “Select” next to “APK File to Sideload” in the Amazon Fire TV Utility and look for the APK file that you just downloaded. Then you click on "Sideload" to send the app to the Fire TV - that's it. By the way, this way you can install almost all Android apps on the Fire TV for which you have the necessary APKs. You can get this, for example, with the tool that we offer you present here.

Fire TV actually gets good with Kodi.

6. Start Kodi / XBMC on the Amazon Fire TV

After installation, your Kodi / XBMC will start on the Fire TV by navigating to "Applications" in the device's settings and here clicking on "Manage all installed apps". Look for the entry "XBMC" and then click on "Start App". This cumbersome process is due to the fact that Amazon does not allow third-party apps on the Fire TV home screen. But there are workarounds that we can offer you presented in a separate article.

ws_ Fire TV Kodi _6

The actual setup of Kodi / XBMC on the Amazon Fire TV now works in the same way as you know it from a PC or an Android smartphone or tablet. Detailed information and assistance can be found in Mircos excellent Kodi Tips Series. Have fun :)

By the way: Even more cool applications for the Amazon Fire TV we show you here - from the Android game console to the TV replacement, there is sure to be something for everyone!

Update: Install Kodi on Fire TV Stick

Since March 24, 2015, Amazon has been offering the "big" Fire TV as well as the Fire TV Stick as an alternative. At 39 euros, it normally costs significantly less than the Fire TV, but offers similar functions. Although the stick "only" has a dual-core processor and 1 instead of 2 gigabytes of RAM, it is significantly smaller and cheaper. We secured an Amazon Fire TV Stick and equipped it with Kodi right away. We'll show you how to install your Kodi on the Fire TV Stick in this manual.

The Fire TV Stick with Kodi could turn out to be a cheap alternative to the "big" Fire TV (Picture: Amazon)
The Fire TV Stick with Kodi could turn out to be a cheap alternative to the "big" Fire TV (Picture: Amazon)

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Boris Hofferbert

Freelance journalist, enthusiastic about technology since the blissful Amiga days, Apple desktop fan and Android fan on the go, gambles on Windows, can’t do without music (from classic rock to ska to punk) and audio books, likes to take postcard photos, always has at least two cell phones and is very happy about one coffee donation ;-)


  1. Hi, all well and good how to get kodi on fire tv there are enough guides but what's next after that?
    I'm leie and now I have Kodi on it, but what's next?
    Is there a step-by-step guide on how to watch series, TV and streams, for example?

    1. Hi Stefan! Good point, this text here is a bit older, meanwhile we (especially our Mirco ;) have produced a lot of stuff about Kodi.

      A good place to start is with the Kodi series you here find. We now also have a number of Kodi instructions on YouTube, which you can find in the overview here.

      You can find a somewhat less sorted list of all guides and tips for Kodi here.

      If you have any further questions, just comment or in our Forum write :)

  2. The currently easiest method of bringing Kodi + builds and addons to the FireTV/FireTV Stick is the FireTuner tool, which can be obtained from ...... Adblink/Adbfire etc nobody needs these days.

    1. Hey Stefan,

      Opinions can be divided about that ;) First of all, ADBLink is also available for macOS and Linux, so a few people still need it :) I just looked at the FireTuner and found out that there are also very “grey zones” (or there are also simply illegal...) things in it, such as the smartass builds of Kodi (which, by the way, are also a big problem for the makers of the media center, s. here). So I would personally don't use FireTuner, but everyone has to decide for themselves :) We already have various other options discussed installing Kodi on the Fire TV and keeping it up to date, the effort involved is minimal.

      But meanwhile I don't care anyway, since I sold my Fire TV and switched to the superior one in all respects Nvidia Shield TV switched – Kodi in Play Store ftw :)

  3. Hi all,

    I have read your posts carefully, have recently also had a Fire TV 4K box and also had the problem with the constant interruptions in a film or something else that I had watched on the apps.

    In my opinion, you definitely have to have a LAN cable connected to have a trouble-free connection.

    I also had a WiFi connection at first, because I thought that was enough, but it wasn't enough.

    Now I have connected a LAN cable and now everything is running smoothly.

    You can also see this on the basis of a video if you press the middle button of the remote control navigation while the film is running and call up the menu.

    You can then see in the line where the bar runs from the film that there is always a piece at the front that looks a bit transparent, which for me is the buffer.

    He always runs ahead and when he comes back to the beam, he jumps forward again to buffer.

    I didn't have this transparent bar with the WiFi connection.

    With a WiFi connection, the buffer is almost never visible.

    Since I've now connected the cable, it's constantly in the foreground and everything runs smoothly.

    I hope that I could help someone with this.


  4. Hello, I also have the Fire stick, but I already had Kodi on it. Now I have the following question when I want to watch films, unfortunately that doesn't work because it always says Check login file, what does that mean?

  5. Hello!

    Thank you for the instructions. I also run the FireTV as a network player, mostly for video, and it works well. But it doesn't come close to the big audio network players.

    Best regards,

  6. Hi,
    everything works fine, but images are only displayed in the preview window at the bottom right. As soon as you select the picture, the screen stays black. You can only go back with the back button. Does somebody has any idea?

  7. I got Kodi installed on the Fire TV, and everything else worked fine. My Syno NAS was found directly, but I can't get a film to run smoothly. For some it hangs right at the beginning, for others the first time after a good 2 minutes. My four-year-old BD player from Sony, on the other hand, also plays the largest files cleanly from the Syno.

  8. Hi. I followed the instructions. Then it says:
    The system cannot find the specified path
    * Daemon not running. Starting now on port 5037*
    * Daemon started successfully *
    Then something else, but I can no longer read before the box closes.
    If I then go to Applications : Installed Applications on the stick, there is no Kodi or anything there... What could I have done wrong?

  9. Hello everyone. I have a little problem. The FTV runs KODI 14.0. For 2 days now I have had the following error message, which prevents me from accessing my files on the NAS: No connection to the network server', although it is otherwise working fine. can someone help me here please?

  10. hope for help Installation went very well thanks to the instructions. Unfortunately I don't know how to switch off the subtitles with the Amazon remote control and possibly also to change the audio track. Does anyone have an idea without connecting a USB or similar, i.e. only using the Amazon remote control?

  11. Hello Boris,

    Super detailed instructions! I bought the Wunderbox yesterday and will try it today. I think I'll manage that. Now to my question - the reason why I bought this box is that we are not allowed to install a satellite dish and there is an add on called GLArab or others. These enable the streaming of Arabic channels - probably works with Xbmc. can you tell me say how I get that on the fire tv box? Thank you in advance!!

    1. hi jazz,

      sorry for the way too late answer, I've been pretty busy in the last few weeks away from the tutonaut...

      Regarding your question, if it's still relevant: Unfortunately, so far I've only installed the plugins that are directly available via the standard repository. If GLArab is not there, in theory you only have to integrate the corresponding repository and then install the plugin. Our Kodi grandmaster Mirco shows how this works with Kodi in general:


      You simply have to try whether the plug-in will also run on the ARM hardware of the Fire TV, but in my opinion the chances are at least not bad. We would be happy to get feedback on whether it worked :)

  12. Hi all,

    thanks for the explanation! However, I have a question before I start:
    I'm currently using 2 RaspPis with Gotham, which share a common library on a SQL server.
    Can the FireTV-XBMC solution also use externally stored libraries from a MySQL server?

    I find it very pleasant that I can see in the bedroom what is already marked as "watched" in the living room.

    Thank you



  13. Thank you too for the explanation. Like Ama, I am unable to use the Fire TV Utility app. When I try to install the apk it always says either "adb" is either misspelled or could not be found".
    Did I enter the IP of the Fire TV in the tool settings? I also closed and restarted the tool...the tool is still there
    in the folder “C:\FTV”

    Who can help me?

    Thank you!!!

    1. It's a little late, but maybe it's still helpful: Have you tried using adbFire as an alternative? Helped a friend of mine who was also having trouble with Fire TV Utility's adb detection.

      We have instructions for this here: https://www.tutonaut.de/tipp-amazon-fire-tv-unter-mac-os-x-und-linux-mit-xbmckodi-und-mehr-ausstatten/ (don't be surprised, the tool wasn't available for Windows at the time, but adbFire is now available for all three systems)

  14. Hallo,
    Everything great! Unfortunately, my Advanced Settings.xml doesn't work. I took it from my Raspberry, it should work, right? Or does it have to be a special Advanced Settings.xml for the Aftv?

  15. Hi, first of all thanks for the great description. Was able to install and launch Kodi with no problems. However I have a problem. Although I can assign videos via UPnP devices, I would like to assign direct folders via my network and that should actually work via Windows network [SNB]. However, when I enter and confirm my username and password, it's as if I never entered anything. He doesn't tell me what went wrong or anything else. My entered data just disappear. Can someone help me? Ps My login details are 100% correct.

  16. First of all thank you for your site and the tutorial. That's how I came to the conclusion that SPMC also supports AirPlay, at least to a limited extent. Even if you first have to set the setting levels to at least "Standard" in the settings, because the AirPlay setting cannot be activated in the "Basic" level.

    However, I now have a problem and am a bit at a loss, my iPad finds it. SPMC no longer as an AirPlay target! It just doesn't show up anymore. For example, if I mirroring. 360 starts, it shows up as an AirPlay target, but SPMC doesn't, even after disabling and re-enabling the feature.

    Does anyone have an idea how I can rotate something on the iPad or the Fire TV so that the two find each other again?

  17. Hi all,

    Xbmc on the Ftv is really a pleasure and cannot be compared to the performance on a Pi. I use Xbmc primarily to play my music library. Unfortunately, I can't access all the controls with the remote control. For example, the play button at the bottom, the home symbol, etc. I also have a problem when I manually search for artists or albums that the Scrapper didn't recognize. If the scrapper does not find a suitable search result even after the interpreter has entered it manually, the input mask cannot be exited via the x at the top right. I didn't know what else to do until now, so I forced xbmc to stop and restarted.

    Anyone have a solution for this?


  18. Can it also play BlueRay that has been converted to MKV?
    Converted all my DVDs and BR to MKV.
    Unfortunately, the Xbox One refuses to play BR because of some COD / license issues when I stream. So I'm hoping for Amzon Fire TV

  19. Hello, great guide, but I think I'm doing something wrong. I have the Utility App 0,36 and as an APK file Helix Version 7. The IP address is specified and activated etc.. But then I get a message in the editor that the file is misspelled or accounts cannot be found. Is that because my PC only has a LAN connection and not a WLAN connection and the Fire TV runs over WLAN. ... Would be grateful for help

      1. Initially also had problems establishing a connection, but that was probably only because I had to restart the utility app after entering the IP address. Apparently only then was the IP actually used. But you will certainly have restarted more than once. Otherwise, I would also hang the fire-tv on the lan (not via wifi). Furthermore, I do not rely on the display of the utility app whether it is connected or not, but always test it with the screenshot function. if it is possible to capture the firetv image with the pc, then the connection is working. at least that's how I always do it...

  20. The connection to the Fire TV is established, but I also get the error message ""The system cannot find the path specified"

  21. Hello Boris,
    great guide. so far everything worked fine, when I downloaded the ZIP (Kodi v14.0 "Helix" for Android (ARM)) and unpacked it, but the utility didn't find an APK file in the folder. Am I just that stupid, or do I still have to do something to find the right file?
    Everything else is connected and ready to go, only the file is missing.

  22. Hallo,
    I just can't connect to the FireTV. Saved the current (V0.34) Utility App under C:\FTV.

    Firewall is also off. I have a Fritz Box 7490 as a router. Win7 operating system.

    "unable to connect to"

    Does anyone else have an idea?

  23. Hallo,

    First of all, THANK YOU for taking the time to explain such really useful things :)

    Unfortunately, I (still) have the problem that during the installation (point 5) I get the error message "could not access the package manager. is the system running ?
    Does anyone have any advice as to what I'm doing wrong?

    Thank you

  24. Can you explain the point "you can also make your Fire TV AirPlay-compatible via Kodi / XBMC in no time at all - a nice side effect" from your article?
    Do I have to set/activate something so that the Fire TV appears as an AirPlay target?
    I'm looking at your instructions file from my NAS very satisfied, but I'm still looking for the point above?

  25. So: I don't have any advancedsettings.xml in the Android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/.xbmc/userdata/ folder, so I can't tell you the video caching settings of my kodi. standard settings of kodi? never used the firetv utility's video-caching-config setting.
    I also tested a 30GB MKV file and a 40GB BD ISO file, both run without lag. The MKV file starts immediately, the 40GB ISO file took about 5 seconds to load before it started. The 15-second jumps (press right on FB) or chapter jumps are always executed without any delay, no buffering, no garnix.
    FireTV is connected to a 100Mbit switch (cheap part), which in turn is connected to a very good house distributor switch with QoS prioritization. The source is a notebook with an external USB2.0 hard drive. Except for the switch (Level One GES-1650), it's all "junk" hardware.
    Just delete the advancedsettings.xml? if this works. I don't know that well yet.
    btw, does anyone know how the alternate keybindings work? you can install 4 different keymaps with the firetv utility. Can I somehow undo this if I don't like it?

    1. Hi.
      I had the same problem with XBMC on Fire TV today. It was just jerking.
      Then reset the box by pressing the select button and the stop button on the Fire TV remote control at the same time. (hold about 5 seconds)
      After that, the films ran smoothly again.

  26. this reminds me: initially had problems with the 10GB file via wifi, now use cable on the firetv, everything is running fine now. assume that wireless reception from firetv is not the best thing.

  27. hi, everything works fine for me, but so far only tested up to approx. 10GB MKV, will test a 30GB BD-Iso today. what video settings do you mean exactly? xbmc? I didn't change anything after the installation, but I'll post the settings tonight anyway...

    1. I mean the video cache buffering of the FireTV, whose values ​​can be adjusted via the xml, e.g. also FireTV Utility.
      As I said, everything depends on the LAN for me. Stream to the notebook via WLAN without any problems.

  28. Hallo,

    I can't get a video file to run without constant buffering or stuttering.
    Repackaged Blu-Rays with 30 GB don't work at all, it starts buffering immediately, then runs for 2s, buffering again, etc.
    Even a 2GB mp4 breaks off after a few seconds. Cannot wind or track.
    Couldn't those post their video cache settings where everything works?

    The whole thing happens to me via LAN (Synology or external disk on the router).
    No problems streamed to the notebook, even with WLAN everything runs smoothly.


  29. Hi,

    First of all thanks for the instructions.

    Works perfectly.


    I have such a silly bug that's really getting on my nerves.

    If I start XBMC and start my LIVE TV, for example, then it works well so far. Stream quality etc impeccable. EPG great.

    Unfortunately, after changing the channel exactly twice, XBMC crashes, ie I am shot back to the Fire TV start screen after the third attempt to change the channel.

    Exactly the same happens with all other addons as well. With the XBMCTR addon I can only change the channel twice. Out the third time.

    Happens with all addons.

    Has anyone had this before and does anyone know how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi,

      In my experience, this usually works well. Maybe there's a problem at one point or another, but it's also not a big problem to switch between the versions by "installing over it". To be on the safe side, you can also use the Fire TV Utility to back up your Kodi settings and restore them if necessary.

      I also played around with SPMC, an Android-optimized version of Kodi/XBMC. It also worked quite well in practice, including for h265 videos on the Fire TV. You can download it here:


  30. You can turn off XBMC with this (house) symbol on the bottom right, then on the left is the off switch.

    My question related to this, how to navigate to this house symbol with the ATV Remote when you don't have a mouse or keyboard at hand...

    1. Thanks, I managed to turn it off now.
      I'll be busy with Kodi from time to time.
      It's working for now - it's switched to German and gives me access to my films on the server.

  31. Hello, nice description, but I get the message "Device not found ... Waiting for Device" IP address is entered correctly, connection via WLAN ...

  32. I just installed XBMC on the FTV for the first time and was able to start it as described above. My Windows Home Server was found and I was able to play almost all formats from the server. Without changing anything in the settings.
    BUT: If I wanted to watch another APP, ZDF media library or Amazon Instant Video series/films again, I got an error message from the player.
    I also rebooted the box - no change.
    Then XMMC was uninstalled again and everything else ran without problems again.
    Where is the mistake?
    – Latest FW of the FTV
    - Version 0.21 of Amazon FireTV Utility
    - Loaded and installed version xbmc-13.2-Gotham-armeabi-v7a from the site linked above.

    FTV and the server are connected via LAN in a GB network.

    Thanks in advance for your help….

    1. Hi, did you exit XBMC properly or just switched to another APP? This only happens to me if I don't switch off XBMC but simply switch to the FTV start page via the home button.

      1. That should go in here - sorry.
        If a mod is reading along, please delete the other one :-)
        Hi Bernard,
        Hmm that could be. I'll test it again one day when I find the time.
        How do I turn off XBMC?
        There are endless options for this part….. :-)

  33. XBMC installed after Tut - worked great. Videos play without a murmur, but I have problems with MP3 and Internet radio. They won't play. The error message is also relatively meaningless: Playback not possible.

  34. A small note: the Microsoft test VMs (at least Windows 7 for Virtual Box) appear to be the 32-bit versions only.
    The Amazon Fire Utility does not run with it, since it is a 64-bit application.

    1. Hi Andre,

      Thanks for the tip, I actually figured that out! I've updated the article accordingly. Also, I'm currently testing an alternative to the Fire TV utility for Mac OS X and Linux and will craft an update if needed :)

  35. Hae all done as in the instructions, but then had no xbmc under applications, Amazon Fire Tv was delivered yesterday and is about to update, the amazon fire tv utility was version 0.3.

  36. Hello
    I'm interested in the amazonfire tv box, I've read a little bit and find a lot of contradictory information about this box.
    it should function as a network media player so put kodi on it and go my data is stored on my qnap ts 412 in the network.
    As far as I've read it works quite well, but now I've also read reports that mp3 and mkv files cannot be played on the box, is that true, or do I have a 1-1 version like on my pc. that processes everything you put in front of it.
    hope you can help me
    Mfg pompom

  37. It's a pity that the thing fails because you can't determine the IP address in the specified way, and entering the IP address that the router shows doesn't help. No connection is established.

    1. Hi Catfish,

      what do you mean by "can't get the IP address in the specified way"? The Fire TV normally shows the IP in the system info, doesn't it? I've done it this way on three systems and in different networks, so far it has always worked. Maybe something on the router is preventing the connection?

    2. Of course, the IP address is displayed as described above. Sorry, no offense, but if you fail at this point, then don't do it... ;-)

  38. Hi @ll,

    can't get the video and music scrapper to work. Kodi won't load covers from the
    Internet. Cannot fill the database.

    Hope someone has a tip for my problem.

    Thank you!

  39. I would also like to thank you for the great instructions. XBMC (13.2) runs great. Everything works fine with Lama too (icon replaced). Unfortunately I have another problem, hope someone else also with solution.
    After watching (or just starting) a film via Kodi, I get an error message when starting a Prime film -> "Unkonwn error"... The only thing that helps is restarting the box (power off).
    Someone an idea?

    1. It's been dealt with. Many users have had this problem. A new update for fir AFT has just come out and the problem is gone.
      Apparently there are also new services, at least music has been added.

  40. Hallo,

    I have a problem and I hope someone can help me. Everything went fine with the installation. It ran flawlessly for four days. But since yesterday I've had the problem that every series or film, whether HD or SD, saves every few minutes. A fresh install of Kodi didn't help either. Don't know.


  41. Thank you for the explanation. Apparently I'm too stupid for this.
    Did everything according to the instructions. However, when I want to install the apk, I get either "adb" either misspelled or not found :( Where is the error?

    1. hi mama,

      hmm, hard to judge from a distance :-/ Did you enter the IP of the Fire TV in the tool settings? It can sometimes help to close the tool afterwards and restart it (I had the problem at the beginning, but actually no longer from version 0.23).

      In any case, it is important that the tool is in the "C:FTV" folder, otherwise the batch files will not be processed correctly.

  42. Hello.

    Is it somehow possible to stream music to the Fire TV using the "Play To" function of Windows 8.1 or WMP 12?

    1. Try activating the UPnP renderer in the Kodi settings under "Services", possibly adding Zeroconf. Can't test this right now, but it COULD be that Windows Media Player can stream to Kodi this way…

  43. Hi Boris,

    your instructions are great! The tip on how to easily start Kodi is also great!

    However, I have my difficulties navigating Kodi with the Amazon Fire TV remote control. How to use the buttons on the remote control? Only the up, down, right, left and play (arrow) buttons work for me.

    Is that the same with you?

    1. Hi Mats,

      First of all, thanks for the kind words, I'm glad it's working so far :)

      As for the key assignments, I don't really have a problem with the default setting. For example, I can use the arrows to fast forward and rewind during playback, the menu button opens certain functions depending on the Kodi menu, etc.

      In the Fire TV Utility there is the option to set alternative key assignments under "Keymaps", but I haven't looked into it yet. There is an entry in the wiki about this, see: https://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Amazon_Fire_TV#Installing_Alternative_Keymaps

      Maybe this will help you further...

  44. So I tried the whole thing with the latest KODI version. It runs asynchronously via NAS-Synology (SD series), a 9 gig film saves for a long time and reasonable playback is not possible. WLAN and LAN! Does anyone have any advice?

    1. Hi,

      I have absolutely no stutters when streaming HD content (tested including 1080p MKVs and MOVs, the largest being around 8GB) from a Synology NAS with the default settings. NAS is directly connected to the router, Fire TV is connected to it via WiFi through a wall...

      Can you stream the films smoothly on another device (e.g. laptop)? If not, maybe it's the router? Alternatively, you can check whether something can be done with the caching settings, the Fire TV has a setting for this under "Video Cache Buffering config". You can try it, I'm curious if it works. There is also a wiki entry about it:


    2. Hi,
      I also have the problem that it becomes asynchronous. But I noticed that it is only for certain files. When I record something I demux it and then merge it into mkv.
      If the sources are from a specific broadcaster, XBMC versions 14 and 13.2 have problems on the FireTV. All other channels work. If I play these files on WDTV or WDTV live or PC, everything is ok, while my Samsung TV ES7090 does not play these files at all. everyone else does.
      So it seems to have something to do with the codec used. If it were MKV-Merge, none of them would work.

    3. Hi,

      have you already found a solution for caching and that it becomes asynchronous?

      Connected my Fire TV box to a Fritzbox. The NAS Synology DS213J is also connected to the Fritzbox.

      At a mkv. 4.0 gb large 1080 p the film stutters in some places and becomes asynchronous.

      Hope you found a solution

      1. I also had the asynchronous behavior with some files. Disabling the MediaCodec acceleration in the settings helped me. You can find it under Settings → Video → Acceleration → MediaCodec

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