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Instructions: Set up Amazon Prime Instant Video in Kodi (XBMC).

That I not necessarily a fan of Amazon Intant Video I have clearly stated that I am - but the price-performance ratio of the inclusive content is good and the old Silverlight you don't need it anymore. Instant video now runs perfectly in the media center Kodi (roughly on the Raspberry Pi), for which we now a whole series of articles to have. The Amazon Prime Instant Video Kodi add-on is still in beta, but it works and is installed with a small detour, as it is not yet in the official Kodi add-on repositories. That's how it's done:

12/2015 – Attention: Unfortunately, the XLordKX add-on for Amazon Prime in Kodi is no longer functional and probably never will be – we will show you an alternative here.

1. Install add-on as ZIP file

Get the add-on first "AddonScritorDE's Beta Repository" and install it in Kodi via "System/Add-ons/Install from ZIP-File". This is not yet the Prime add-on, but the source from which you install the add-on right away.

kodi prime
ZIP installation

2. Repository in Kodi

This is how the loaded ZIP file appears in Kodi, here simply in the normal Windows Downloads folder.

kodi prime
New repository with beta addons

3. Install Amazon add-on

Then you call up the add-on search and ...

kodi prime
Start add-on search.

4. Find Prime

... searches for something like "Prime".

kodi prime
Searches for "prime".

5. Install Instant Video

Now install "Media Sources - Amazon Prime Instant Video" - in all likelihood the only add-on listed.

kodi prime
The Amazon add-on itself.

6. Set up Amazon Prime Video in Kodi

You will automatically end up in a dialog with settings, here you should at least set the language to DE.

kodi prime
Note the language!

7. Enter and activate Flash

The add-on requires Flash activation - allow it.

kodi prime
Flash activates the add-on itself.

8. Look!

Now enter your email and password from Amazon and you can access the "free" Prime content. Have fun!

kodi prime
It doesn't have to be Panem, but it could. Of course, your watch list is also available.
kodi prime
The processing of the Amazon content is already much fancier in the current version than in the Xbox 360 app!

Update: Add videos to library

Super practical: You can transfer titles from Amazon Prime Instant Video to your own Kodi library via the context menu!

Amazon titles can be added directly to your library.

Update 2: Different repo

To some problems meanwhile there is another repository that you can use instead of the one mentioned in step 1 and that is regularly maintained:

Mirco Lang

Freelance journalist, Sauerland exile, (fairly old) skateboarder, graduate computer scientist, retail salesman, open source nerd, Checkmk handbook writer. Ex-Saturn'ler, Ex-Data-Becker'ler, Ex-BSI'ler. First contact with computers: ca. 1982 - a friend's big brother's C64. If you want to read more about open source, Linux and craft stuff and support Tutonaut here: About Coffee sponsorship via Paypal.I'm always happy. In advance: Thank you! Do not miss: and New: Mastodon


  1. Unfortunately, the addon does not log in to Amazon. Definitely enter email and password correctly, but he doesn't accept it. No error message, just over and over again: email, password, email, password,...

  2. Hi Anna,

    Unfortunately, Amazon has locked out KODI - we use DRM encryption, which is currently not available for the KODI plugin developers.
    Let's see if there will be a solution for this - but it looks bad at the moment.


  3. Hallo,

    I wanted to install the add-on on my XBMC on the RPi but after activating the zip and opening the add-on it says "The add-on has been marked as broken in the depot" and underneath it says "Dependencies not met". The Install button is not selectable. What can be the reason? Do I have an old version of XBMC on the RPi and if so, how can I update it?

    1. Hi Ralph,
      I just followed the instructions here and installed the XLordKX repository via USB on the Raspberry (Openelce with Kodi), then I went looking for addons and installed version 1.1.7 and as I said, all series and films are in English , without me explicitly wanting to do this.
      The link to the repository:

  4. Hi all,
    I've just installed the XLordKX repo on my Raspi and the addon 1.1.7, so far everything works fine, but I only get films and series in English, although in the settings of the addon side version DE and language on default is set. Also, I can't change the language while the movie is running, it only says English (1/1). The titles of the films are all in German.
    I guess it has to be some setting in Anyone know advice?
    Greetings Martin

  5. I imported the current version 1.17, at least the script error has disappeared with it. Unfortunately, it's going to be long for me now
    "Caching" (>10 minutes) is displayed before the movie is displayed. I have that equally on a RasPiB2 and under Windows. When the film finally runs, the replays stop again and again. I didn't have this behavior before the script error reappeared recently.

    1. You can fix it manually – at least it works here:
      Change the user agent in to:

      userAgent = "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/41.0.2228.0 Safari/537.36"

      Yes, ugh, Apple, but for once it doesn't matter here...

      On Windows, the file is located under:

  6. Hello.

    Two questions for the Kodi/XMBC professionals:

    How do I set it up so that Kodi jumps straight into the Amazon Prime addon after starting it? (On Android, you only need Kodi for Amazon Prime – the Amazon Android app sucks for Prime Videos.)
    How and where do I configure the Amazon Prime addon so that a certain view of the films is always available, e.g. B. is displayed as a list? (After every restart of Kodi I have to set this again.)

  7. It worked,
    This time it asked me for my access data when I ran it for the first time and there was no error message when I played it.
    Many thanks.

  8. I have the same problem as Robert that I am not asked for my login data at all. If I change the website (e.g. to UK) nothing happens either, when I want to watch a series it just says I'm not logged in, should log in and then restart the app...

  9. Thanks for the quick reply,
    I can find the add-on settings, but I cannot log in because the access data was not requested. According to some instructions I found online, the add-on should have asked me for the access data during the initial configuration, but it didn't.
    That's why I'm looking for the option to enter my access data, or should it also be possible to change the user?

    Thank you

    1. Enter the wrong website, i.e. EN, and you should be asked for credentials again - register incorrectly, switch to DE and register correctly again. The previous login data is probably cached for a while, but here it worked sometimes, sometimes not. If in doubt, enter wrong data for EN, restart and enter correct data for DE again.
      It's actually weird that you can't call it up afterwards, but it seems so.

    2. Better answer: Just delete the cookie file "de.cookies" that you have on Windows under
      find, under Linux then correspondingly without the part up to roaming.

  10. Hello, setting up the Amazon Prime addon worked wonderfully on my Minix Neo X5 and Kodi, but unfortunately I get the error message "You are not logged in, check username blablabla". Can someone tell me how to enter my access data or change the user?

    Thank you

    1. If the Amazon login details are definitely correct, I would tap the wrong Amazon page; Check the add-on settings to see whether the DE page is really set there. This can be reached, for example, via Settings/System/Add-ons/Enabled Add-ons/Video Add-ons/ and there by right-clicking on the Amazon entry:
      The add-on under Kodi

      Set country version

  11. Currently there is also the script error message with the patch again... At least on my Android it the same for others here?

  12. hello, have the same error, yesterday, everything still worked. I've also tried reinstalling it, but to no avail.
    Script error still comes up.

    1. Thanks for the hint! I just tried it and yes – it's working again. In the Kodinerds forum you have to register, then you can on page 30 of the discussion download user infabo's file (based on user seb's patch) and overwrite your in the plugin directory (don't forget to back it up); on Windows c:/USERNAME/AppData/Kodi/addons/ The changes shown in the screenshot have been made in the file, nothing "threatening", everything is great. Thank you for the quick patch!

  13. Yesterday afternoon successfully set up for the first time on my new Raspberry Pi 2 and happy as hell,
    since today script errors and disappointed disappointed children :-(
    Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be my fault or the Pi's, so I also suspect Amazon

  14. Unfortunately, since last night (11.04.15) I have the same message. Unfortunately I haven't been able to determine the cause yet. I'm running Kodi/XBMC on 3 devices. And the same for everyone. :-(

  15. Same problem as Matze described. Everything went well, this script error message has been coming since yesterday. Tested with Kodi 14.1 and 14.2 and one of the latest Xbmc versions. Script version is 1.0.2. Did Amazon change something so that the script now has a problem?

  16. Hallo,

    I get the error message "Script error!: Amazon Prime Instant Video" immediately after "Open Stream" when I want to start a film/series

    Flash is set in my Amazon settings. What can be the reason?

  17. Had the addon running on my Rasp Pi. Everything went great. On Thursday I was basically kicked out. The connection was gone in the middle of a movie. After that I couldn't log in anymore. Error message says Use data is incorrect. But they are not. I checked several times.

    1. Earlier in the comments, Stefan had this symptom and it was due to a captcha on the Amazon website. Take a look and see if something like this has been put in front of you.

  18. Hallo,
    I'm running the addon on a Raspberry 2, but I have a small problem.
    When I launch kodi-standalone directly from the console on the PI, I cannot control Kodi via the web browser and/or the Kodi remote app - no connection.
    But if I start Kodi via an external console (e.g. putty), it works.
    Does anyone know how to set it up so that Kodi is started (directly on the PI) and remote access works?

    1. Pretty obscure error, as most Kodi should start directly on the Pi, usually via autostart, without any problems. Starting via Putty shouldn't have any effect, since it doesn't matter whether you're logged in locally or via ssh - the started Kodi doesn't know anything about it. Unless you log in with a different user account - in which case Kodi could simply start with a different configuration. If the registrations are identical, I can't think of a good reason right away.

      1. I set up the PI from scratch and currently only the "pi" user.
        Thought it would be due to the automatic start, since something might still be missing at the start, so I started it manually - just with this weird effect.
        Well, I'm at my wit's end and I don't understand it at all.

  19. Hallo,

    how did you manage to show the background image of the movie in screeshot 8? Unfortunately, this doesn't work for me under Aeon Nox :(

    1. Here it only works with a few films, probably depends on whether the corresponding image material is available. You could certainly add the films to your own library and then manually tag them with fanart, but that might be a lot of work...

      1. Well I thought scjon something doesn't work for me.
        Is it possible to display the subtitles for the OV films and series with the addon?

  20. So, the problem has solved itself ;) As if by itself, the captcha is no longer queried on the website and after the procedure "change user data" described above, I can now log in again with the amazon prime membership account.... :D phew, movie night saved! ;)

  21. Everything worked great until last night! This afternoon, when the addon was started, it suddenly asked for the username and password to be entered. But with the IDENTICAL credentials I can easily log into the website, so they are fine. Uninstalling and then reinstalling the addon and rebooting the Raspi didn't do anything.

    1. I have to pass, here everything runs smoothly on the Pi and a Win 7 since I wrote the instructions. Since there were now two reports in a row, it was perhaps a short-term Amazon failure?! If it still doesn't work again, just for fun, try using the EN version from Amazon in the settings and after - of course - unsuccessful login again with DE; this is more of lived chaos theory than a structured procedure, but I can't think of any more spontaneously.

      1. Thanks for the fast answer! I've tried it, but unfortunately it doesn't work. However, what is strange is that the website now requires you to fill out a captcha in order to be able to log in. However, the addon does NOT ask for a captcha...could that possibly be the solution?

      2. It could well be, but Amazon is currently not putting a captcha in front of me. With a bit of luck, this will only happen by accident, after "weird" attempts to log in or something similar - otherwise it would probably be a short-term end for the add-on.

      3. You gave me an idea! I have now registered with another account (unfortunately without a prime membership) and at least the registration works! The reason for me is the captcha…. and you're right, we once had "weird" login attempts, since then the captcha has been coming....damn it, how do we get rid of that again??

  22. Is it possible that it no longer works for some reason? I got Amason Video set up according to the instructions about 3 weeks ago. And now I wanted to set it up again on another PC and it doesn't work anymore. Does somebody has any idea???

    1. The addon didn't work for me. After I got an update two or three times (System/Add-ons/), the plug-in Amazon Prime Instant Video AddOn was suddenly there.

  23. Hallo,
    I use openELEC 5.0.6 on a Raspberry Pi2 and have the same problem.
    After installing the zip file, the AddonScritorDE's testing repo appears, but without any addons available.
    Anyone an idea?

    1. If the search doesn't work, have a look under Settings/Add-ons/Get Add-ons/AddonScriptorDEs Testing Repo/Video Add-ons/..., maybe you'll find something there.

  24. Hello
    got it on my minix neo x8
    installed but I can't log in because the error "you are not logged in" always comes up
    I hope someone can help me, I'm getting desperate

    1. It may not be that helpful now, but it usually simply indicates an incorrect username or password - EXACTLY sure that it is the correct Amazon data? Also the correct Amazon version, i.e. DE?

  25. Hallo,
    I have a problem installing the addon.
    Unfortunately, after adding the source, the addon cannot be found.
    Even if I go directly to the package via "further addons" there is nothing to be found there, it is completely empty.

    any ideas?

  26. Handy addon. But: the free offer with Prime is more like that. Can I somehow see the “pay streams” with it? So legal, I would pay for it. Just want to see it on the Kodi and not on the computer.

  27. Great addon, hats off. Thanks! May I ask if the add-on will ever be offered as an official Kodi add-on? And if so, by when can this be expected?

  28. Hi,
    thanks for the tip and thanks to the diligent add-on developers. Worked great. I've just watched a movie and I'm excited that I can now watch Amazon Prime on Kodi (Helix Release) with a standard Debian distribution on my HTPC.

  29. First of all kudos to the developer. Unfortunately, the Kodi library function does not seem to work. Can anybody confirm this?

    My system: Fire TV with Kodi Helix

    1. I can confirm. Apparently Amazon has changed URL schemes and the plugin has not yet been adjusted. My Samsung TV got Amazon support with the last update, so I'm watching Prime directly on the TV.

  30. What is unpleasant (like with many other plugins) is that the user name and password are legibly stored on the SD card :-/ Well, I use OpenElec on the Raspberry Pi and have deactivated Samba and SSH here for the time being (protecting access via password works of course ;-) ).

    For those who don't want to constantly switch back and forth between Silverlight and Flash: Amazon automatically switches to Flash as soon as a Linux 'recognizes' itself.

    To do this, open the Python script '' of the plugin and look for the declaration of the 'UserAgent' variable. The character string then by e.g. replace these:
    "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; de-DE; rv:35.0) Gecko/20081216 ) Firefox/35.0". Now switch back to 'Silverlight' at Amazon.

    1. Oops - sorry. Just discussed with a colleague and looked in the repository: the passwords are no longer stored in plain text in the current version :-) Access seems to be via a set cookie.

  31. The add on worked most of the time. However, for some tv shows with multiple seasons, I get an error. See 'Californication' – any season 1 pilot.

    The error is:
    18:43:51 T:3034083328 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player)::Put MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED

  32. Hello!
    Thank you for this guide. The only problem I have is that the films don't want to run for me. I am not yet a Prime member and therefore only see the in-house productions. When I select a film, it says "Open stream" for a short time, but then nothing happens.
    Someone an idea?

    1. Yep, let's do it - No Risk, No Fun. On the other hand, the risk is at least manageable, in the truest sense of the word, because the add-on is open source. You can find the source code here, see for yourself whether something seems criminal to you. I haven't studied every single Python line closely, but everything seems fine here, no suspicious URLs found.

      1. Ha Mirco, I've read that now after I posted something on the topic above :-) I'm totally with you! But I experience again and again that people are "ashed around" without being able to assess what is really happening ... So, dear fellow readers.. first of all, carefully ask: "Could it be that my access data ..etc

      1. Thank you Mirco... yes, it looks quite good, although the menu is a bit "beefy"... Take a look at the 1080 XF, the Amazon display also looks very good!

  33. It's always funny to see that nowadays you don't have to "hack" accounts anymore.
    People give out the data voluntarily on all sorts of sites, apps, etc....X)

    1. Well, Viper – obviously you don't understand how it all works? In general: The kodi addons are "open source" and the community sees such addons very much! exactly on. Should a "backlog" function be built in, this would come to light very quickly. In this specific case, no username/password is saved anyway, but a "token" is generated. The whole thing is called "Cross Site Request Forgery protection" ... Any other questions/comments?

  34. Hallo,
    thank you very much for this guide. However, the films only come in 1080p for me, despite the setting to 720p (or 480p). What can be the reason?


    1. You can call up the context menu of the plug-in under Video/Add-ons and switch to the English website in the settings. It automatically logs you out and, switched back to DE, asks for the login data again.

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