Cooperation & sponsorship

We are open to Collaborations, sponsorship, advertorials, advertising, affiliate and product testing.

If you are interested in a cooperation or would like to read a test of your product with us, you are welcome to contact us at contact.

Please note that we only answer emails about collaborations and products that are relevant to us.

Sponsoring: Your product at Tutonaut

We welcome requests for sponsorship of individual posts or even the entire website.

If you book sponsorship with us, you can bring your product to a technology-savvy and financially strong audience of all ages.

  • The sponsorship of individual contributions takes place via a text block naming the sponsor both above and below the contribution, including a do-follow link.
  • We will prepare the article editorially according to journalistic criteria in the Tutonaut style and can take the form of a test or a guide/advertorial.
  • The post will remain online for life (for the duration of this blog's existence).
  • The post is marked as a sponsored post, either via categorization or via a disturber in the cover photo.
  • You pay once and in a flat rate.
  • You are welcome to provide us with promo codes/vouchers and similar bonuses in the post.
  • Competitions are also possible.

Test reports: Ideal for winning customers

We offer you to place your product prominently on our website as an individual test for a fee. The individual test is written according to editorial criteria, contains backlinks and remains online for life. It is important that your product is relevant to our target group and serves the interests of our readers. Corresponding individual tests are marked as advertising in accordance with the current legal situation.

We reject individual tests of software products: In this case, we recommend sponsorship or a tutorial as the better option.

Your advertising in a prominent place

We offer various advertising options on our site, such as classic banners, affiliate links or in-text advertising positions. You can also book the complete takeover of an existing contribution temporarily or permanently. Alternatively, we can also write you a post about your product and add banners and/or links to the text.


We currently do not have a price table and prefer to work with flat rates. Since the type, scope and effort of the contributions differ massively, we unfortunately cannot give prices at this point. We would be happy to discuss individual prices for sponsorship, tests or advertising with you.

Simply contact us:


A small disclaimer at this point: We also have to maintain the quality of our contributions. Therefore, we do not write promotional articles, do not accept pre-written contributions and do not allow sponsors from areas that are irrelevant to our readers or appear suspicious to us. We decide freely about the choice of sponsors/advertising/test products and remain free in our reporting. We do not sell pure do-follow links.

If you would like to provide us with a test sample, you are welcome to send it to us after consultation to the addresses listed in the legal notice. For logistical reasons, it is only possible for us to return a test device if you enclose a prepaid return slip (DHL or Hermes).

We will only include and test unsolicited test products in the test pool if they are of interest to Returns will only be made after consultation and only if a return slip is enclosed.

Test products may also appear without a separate test as accessories or decoration in featured images or as part of a test route or product recommendation, provided we classify them as thematically appropriate. In this case, this marginal mention is free of charge for you.

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