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The tutonauts are a group of freelance and experienced IT journalists who want to make your life easier with modern technology and computers. Originally planned purely as a workshop portal, we now also provide comments, tests and everything to do with computers, smartphones, tablets, peripherals and software.

You can also book us: We will be happy to help you with the creation and captioning of your website, content marketing, A-Plus texts or instructions. We are happy to write guest contributions or journalistic articles and, if necessary, also provide training in your company - both individually and in a team. If you are interested, just write us via the contact function – we will reply as soon as possible. Of course, we also look forward to cooperation requests.

  • Boris Hofferbert

    Freelance journalist, enthusiastic about technology since the blissful Amiga days, Apple desktop fan and Android fan on the go, gambles on Windows, can’t do without music (from classic rock to ska to punk) and audio books, likes to take postcard photos, always has at least two cell phones and is very happy about one coffee donation ;-)
  • Benjamin Mewes

    Enthusiastic about technology and programming since the wild days of my youth (QBasic, Delphi, R, Python, Fortran 77, Java). Home automation with HomeKit and everything related to macOS and iOS are my hobbies!
  • Christian Rentrop

    Graduate journalist, born in 1979. First attempts at walking in 1986 at the Schneider CPC. In 1997 it went online. Ever since then as a scribbler in deadwood forests and on digital highways. Often also on the Vespa or with the caravan on the way. Daughter father since 2020, so always very happy about one small coffee donation.
  • Mirco Lang

    Freelance journalist, Sauerland exile, (fairly old) skateboarder, graduate computer scientist, retail salesman, open source nerd, Checkmk handbook writer. Ex-Saturn'ler, Ex-Data-Becker'ler, Ex-BSI'ler. First contact with computers: ca. 1982 - a friend's big brother's C64. If you want to read more about open source, Linux and craft stuff and support Tutonaut here: About Coffee sponsorship via Paypal.I'm always happy. In advance: Thank you! Do not miss: and New: Mastodon
  • Thomas Probst

    Freelance journalist with great enthusiasm for all topics related to photography. At that time he was still learning with the analog camera and today he tests the latest cameras and lenses for various trade magazines.
  • Ursula Greetings

    Teacher, author, part-time nerd and full-time mom. Loves series, films and musicals, especially those with a dark, black humor twist. In her free time, she enjoys being in front of, behind and on the theater stage and thinks "Double Dash" is the best Mario Kart of all time.
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