Instructions: Windows Hello – Unlock Windows 10 with fingerprint

With Windows Hello, Microsoft has given its current Windows 10 system a comprehensive tool for biometric recognition. This is how you can log in on compatible laptops using facial recognition. Also included: A system-internal registration via fingerprint. This will get you to the Windows desktop in no time at all after starting. We'll show you how to unlock Windows 10 with your fingerprint. 

Unlock Windows by fingerprint: not new, but more elegant

Of course, business notebook users will now say “Fingerprint unlock? It's been around forever!". That's true, of course: my first Thinkpad already had a fingerprint sensor more than ten years ago, which not only secured Windows, but also the entire laptop if desired. With Windows Hello, however, Microsoft has officially integrated the feature into the system, so that third-party software is no longer necessary. On the Xiaomi Notebook Air (You can find more about the device here) on which I'm using Windows Hello in this tutorial, the system works far better than anything I've tried before.

Xiaomi Mi Air fingerprint
The Xiaomi Mi Air implements the Windows Hello concept excellently

Maybe I'm just missing current comparisons, but: If your laptop is Hello-compatible, you should definitely try it out. Information about Windows Hello and which devices are already supported can be found on the Microsoft homepage. You can also retrofit Windows Hello compatibility: Appropriate devices bring the comfort functions to the desktop PC via USB connection.

And this is how you activate Windows Hello on your Windows 10 PC:

1. Go to Windows 10 settings

First open the settings of Windows 10 via the start menu. Here you navigate to the point accounts and switches to the submenu login options.

Windows Hello compatible
If your PC is compatible with Windows Hello, the corresponding options are available in this menu

2. Activate Windows Hello

If your PC or laptop meets the requirements for Windows Hello, you can click on Set up under fingerprint start. Before Windows now accepts your fingerprint, you have to current PIN code or enter the password for your Windows installation.

3. Enroll fingerprint

Windows 10 will now ask you to set up the fingerprint. You can use this later to log into the operating system in next to no time. Just follow the on-screen instructions to enroll your fingerprint. Depending on the hardware used, this requires a little patience, but in my experience the detection works without any problems in practice.

Fingerprint Windows 10
Fingerprint registration requires a little patience...
...which is rewarded in practice with an accurate and fast detection.

4. Complete Windows Hello setup

If Windows 10 is happy with your little finger, you still have the option of registering additional fingers to log in. When you're done, you can simply log on to your Windows installation by "laying on your finger". Alternatively, you always have the option of registering traditionally with a password or PIN. Oh yes: Of course you can also make the registration completely automatic. We'll show you how it's done this tutorial.

Windows Hello setup complete
Finished! In the future, you will land on the Windows desktop with a swipe of your finger.

What do you think of Windows Hello? Nice feature or do you gasp at the thought of entrusting your fingerprint to Windows 10 of all things? I look forward to comments and discussions ;)

Even more gossip about Windows 10 is always delivered by ours Windows 10 tutos.

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  1. I gasp because I find it completely outrageous to give the user NO choice and to constantly claim via an annoying, blue lock screen full of text that you MUST log in with a Windows account and complete the setup with your fingerprint (I know not even if I can use it for the normal touchpad of the laptop, what if I can no longer log on to the laptop afterwards because the touchpad does NOT work as a fingerprint sensor???)
    No thanks, that's all TOO MUCH total GANGING for me.. Well at least they've abolished the sick DAILY forced updates, because too many of the updates always have gaps in the beginning that were recognized too late and I think it's better just all 4 Updating weeks, that's enough please ???

    Especially since it is NEVER easy to configure Windows with all components regarding software / hardware without any problems... it has gotten better, good, but up to 4 years ago Windows simply did not recognize my older printer and printed out cryptic pages of letters instead of normal to print... Only now does he finally recognize this old printer again - it's really not good if old devices still work perfectly, but the drivers don't want to be compatible at all, although everything used to work without any problems via plug and play...

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