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Kodi Series: See Kodi Tutonaut guides right inside Kodi

By default, Kodi shows news about on the home page Kodi, Updates and add-ons as an RSS stream - practical so that you don't miss any important innovations. But what about new guides, tips, and solutions? We have stayed here again and again Kodi Guides on sale and it would be a shame if you missed them. You can use the RSS add-on to Edit default RSS stream and record your favorite streams.

Kodi makes it particularly easy for you in this case because the add-on installation takes place directly in the RSS settings: You will find the RSS options under “System/Appearance/Skin” – if the add-on is not yet installed , Kodi asks if that should happen now. Then simply enter the desired RSS URL via the edit button, for example

RSS options in Kodi

The result: Kodi instructions in the ticker

Kodi tutorials tutonaut

Don't miss any more Kodi workshops and tips - Tutonaut on the Kodi homepage.

Mirco Lang

Freelance journalist, Sauerland exile, (fairly old) skateboarder, graduate computer scientist, retail salesman, open source nerd, Checkmk handbook writer. Ex-Saturn'ler, Ex-Data-Becker'ler, Ex-BSI'ler. First contact with computers: ca. 1982 - a friend's big brother's C64. If you want to read more about open source, Linux and craft stuff and support Tutonaut here: About Coffee sponsorship via Paypal.I'm always happy. In advance: Thank you! Do not miss: and New: Mastodon

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