Problems with FritzBox mesh? Here's the solution!

If FritzBox-Mesh bitches, the cause is usually quite easy to fix.

AVM has been pushing for some time the mesh technique. FRITZ-Mesh is intended to seamlessly integrate repeaters and powerline devices with WiFi into the WiFi and enable problem-free switching between the individual WiFi cells by means of roaming. The result: Significantly more powerful WiFi with more range. At least in theory, because in practice there are often problems with disconnections and slow WiFi. But they can be easily solved.

Update FritzBox and FritzRepeater

Before you get started, you should make sure that all your Fritz devices have the latest firmware. To do this, first log in to all devices and install any necessary updates. Modern FritzOS versions also have an auto-update function, which you can activate under System -> Update. Then restart all devices by first unplugging all devices and then first plugging in the FritzBox and then the remaining Fritz devices.

Important: Make sure that all devices have the latest firmware.
Important: Make sure that all devices have the latest firmware.

Check mesh status

After the restart, checks whether all devices are set up as mesh devices. To do this, you have to select the Home Network -> Mesh option in the FritzBox and look for the small Mesh symbol here. If it appears on all repeaters, everything is OK. If repeaters are not displayed with the mesh symbol, either the firmware is not up-to-date or the setup failed: Resets the affected repeater and sets it up again.

The mesh icon must be visible, otherwise something is wrong.
The mesh icon must be visible, otherwise something is wrong.

FritzBox-Mesh: Assign fixed IP addresses for all devices

Last but not least, you should set up fixed IP addresses for all devices in the WLAN that have problems with the mesh network. Experience has shown that these are primarily Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad or Mac, but it makes sense to simply give all devices a fixed IP in the home network to avoid conflicts. This is exactly what can happen with WLAN roaming.

Product prices and availability are correct as of the date/time shown and are subject to change. All pricing and availability information on at the time of purchase applies to the purchase of this product.
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Product prices and availability are correct as of the date/time shown and are subject to change. All pricing and availability information on at the time of purchase applies to the purchase of this product.
Product prices and availability are correct as of the date/time shown and are subject to change. All pricing and availability information on at the time of purchase applies to the purchase of this product.

You can easily call up the function by clicking on Home Network -> Network in the FritzBox menu and clicking on the pen symbol next to each individual device. This is how you reach the settings for the device in the WLAN. Tick ​​“Always assign the same IP address to this WLAN device” and then click on “OK”. Repeat this with all wireless devices. Your Fritz mesh network should then work properly.

Fixed IP addresses can eliminate conflicts in the mesh WLAN.
Fixed IP addresses can eliminate conflicts in the mesh WLAN.

Christian Rentrop

Graduate journalist, born in 1979. First attempts at walking in 1986 at the Schneider CPC. In 1997 it went online. Ever since then as a scribbler in deadwood forests and on digital highways. Often also on the Vespa or with the caravan on the way. Daughter father since 2020, so always very happy about one small coffee donation.


  1. Thanks, helped. In my case, a repeater ultimately did not receive updates, even though it was set that way. After updating and restarting, the iPhone and iPad are as fixed as the PC on the WAN. The MacBook has also become twice as fast on the WLAN repeater, but only achieves around 80% of the PC on the WAN.

  2. Hi. I just have a problem with the mesh from AVM on the table. The family has a house over 3 floors with a loft. The DSL router is in the basement, there is a repeater on the ground floor, then another Fritzbox follows one floor above and from there by cable to the top floor. All devices are from AVM.

    All spanned WLan networks have the same channel number, which as far as I know makes roaming much more difficult. I haven't found a way to separate the channel numbers (1-6-11) either. A WLAN device (IP camera) is now to be integrated for yard surveillance, but the camera does not know exactly which of the 3 APs it should log into and therefore does not establish a connection at all. (Signaling by LED, first flashing green (connection attempt), then flashing red (error)).

    My suggestion: dissolve the mesh, give each of the 3 APs with the same SSID and passphrase different channel numbers (classic: 1-6-11). In my experience, device-controlled roaming works quite well with this, even 'dumber' devices can handle it, they automatically log into the 'loudest' network.

    Only: How do I dissolve the mesh? I simply couldn't find an 'off switch' for the mesh, only the setting for server or repeater.

    Greetings - Willi

  3. Rarely read such nonsense as this crap here: Set up fixed IP's for all clients and then also via the web interface because there are problems with Apple devices and there are disconnections!?
    …Experts. ?

    1. This actually fixed my problem with a device always connecting to the wrong repeater with the worse bandwith. This is no crap. This is just your point of view.

  4. Hi everyone,
    Regarding that after some time, where reported, everything collapses again, breaks off, I have a suspicion that the vlt. has to do with time. Haven't come into contact with 'mesh' yet, so if this approach is wrong, just read on. I thought if the time synchronization is wrong, because the error only occurs after some time, that something is wrong.

    Good luck

  5. Hallo,
    I accidentally downgraded the Mesh Master (my FritzBox) to a repeater without first making a repeater the master, now I can no longer access the FritzBox, neither via LAN nor via Not IP.... do you have a tip?

    1. You can connect the PC to the fritzbox via a network cable, then it should work. If necessary via the backup IP ( if does not work.

  6. Hello,
    The devices you connect must be able to use the 802.11k and 802.11v WLAN standards
    Check in the Fritz whether the entries "11k" and "11v" are displayed in the "Known WLAN devices" section for your WLAN devices in the "Properties" column.
    If the entries "11k" and "11v" are displayed, the respective WLAN device supports WLAN mesh steering.
    If not then give your repeater its own SSID and your client in my case the (AmazonStick) stays where it should be :-)

  7. The mesh steering no longer works for me at all, I have the Fritzbox 7582 and my devices have not changed from 5Ghz to 2,4Ghz for months if the connection for 5Ghz is too weak.... I've tried everything, nothing helped... uff

  8. Thanks for the information, but unfortunately I have to say that I am in the process of selling my Fritz! boxes again. – I have a Fritzbox 6490 from the internet provider. I bought two more 7590 Fritzboxes because my reinforced concrete house has very bad WiFi conditions.
    The measurement connections between 6490 (mesh master) and 7590 (mesh repeater) last less than 2 days. From this point on, I only have a LAN connection and synchronization no longer helps to activate MESH again.
    Too bad the idea, while good, is light years away from being robust.
    And yes, I've tried a lot... the mesh repeaters/masters are connected via LAN with CAT6 cable and the mesh drawings regularly disappear after a short time....

    1. Hello, I too have tried a lot in the area and Fritzbox and Mesh. Starting with AVM's own repeaters, through to third-party providers such as Telekom Mesh, etc. What really helped was the mesh system from dlink Covr-2202 and Covr-2200, which build your own mesh. You switch the first device directly to the Wan connection with a LAN cable and distribute the others in the other room if necessary, then you switch off the WLAN of the Fritzbox and use the Covr-2202's own mesh WLAN. This has several advantages. For one, you have your own independent network. You can use the Covr-2202 as a router or AP. On the other hand, a lot of settings can be made via app and are secured by Mac Monkey 2 years free license for all devices. If something happens in your network, you will immediately receive a message on your mobile phone, so that you can react immediately. But the best thing is the range and strength of the signals. Maybe you should look around in this direction. They are not exactly cheap, but they are definitely worth it and are cheaper than your expenses for the two Fritz boxes that you have bought. I myself also have a complete new set here, if you have previously found out about it on the Internet and are interested in receiving it at a reasonable price, please feel free to get in touch.

  9. What about the choice of frequency band?
    To my knowledge, crossband repeating is the option that doesn't halve the speed like others.
    Nevertheless, AVM recommends the option "Use frequency bands flexibly". Which option do you use?

  10. Hello Matthias, did you solve your problem. I have exactly the same problem. Did Mr. Rentrop help you?
    I noticed the following about myself:
    Everything configured correctly. (Basement: FB 6591 cable; EG: Rep.3000 via LAN; OG: Rep2400 via LAN; DG FB7590 as Rep. via LAN. Everything is running. Mesch symbols are there. After an indefinite time (1 to 5 days) everything is dead. None Mesch icon more on the devices.

    A sw restart doesn't help. Turning off the power helps. But I have to reach out. And then start the FB first again. After 5 min (not earlier) all rep. Turn back on.

    Firmware is all currently 7.20 or 21. Vodafone only runs the 6591th on the 13. Currently my plan is to wait for the VF update and if it doesn't get better then the whole thing
    Exchange stuff for something else….. does jmd.noch have an idea or advice?

    LG CK

    1. Hello no, unfortunately nothing helped, I had already had this setting set all the way. I have now set all repeaters to Repeater works without Mash and now use it without any problems. But I haven't gotten around to testing the mash function after the update yet. But I'll try it out in the next few days to see if the FW 7.20 has brought anything.

      1. Hi, I've been running the FB5 with FW 7590, the Repeater 7.21 and the Powerline 2400E via Mesh for 1260 days. With the current.CW it works perfectly for me. I only have the problem that my DSL tears off when the load comes on the LAN line. But mesh remains
        Best regards Dirk

      2. I actually had the same problem, but with a cable. A new 4G mast in the neighborhood and an old hardware version of the Fritzbox 6490 were to blame - was then replaced by the provider.

    2. Hello Christian, I have exactly the same problem that the connection breaks down after a few days. Have you found a solution meanwhile?

      1. The mesh or the DSL connection? In the first case, I would implement the repeater so that there are no sources of interference such as water pipes or microwave devices, baby monitors, etc. between the box and the repeater.

  11. Hello, I have a question. Is it possible to operate the Dlink COVR 2020 Mesh System directly with the Fritzbox directly? Sann one more question, is it possible to send and receive a fax directly via windows 10 without a Capi or ISDN card, similar to the Apple Imac? So that you can install the Fritzbox as a fax printer in order to be able to send the fax directly from Word? Thanks for your help.lg Andreas

    1. You can operate any Mesa system on the FritzBox, but it is then advisable to switch off the FritzBox's WLAN, since the Mesa standards are not compatible. There is definitely a solution for the fax problem, but I'm stumped there.

  12. Hello, I have the following problem, my repeaters connect to the FB via Mash and everything runs perfectly, but after a certain time the repeater is still connected to the FB but not via Mash. OS is up to date.
    Does anyone have similar problems or a solution?

    1. Yes. I have exactly the same problem. I can't find any help anywhere...
      Most of the time, the network is extremely moody afterwards. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes standing still.... that's totally annoying.

      1. Hi,

        Do you have a solution for the problem described? I currently have the same thing and can't find a solution.

        Thank you for your answer.


  13. Hello!
    Thank's for the Tipps!
    I had the idea of ​​providing the non-mobile devices with a real fixed IP, when DHCP was off there and in the Fritzbox the address assignment only started from, for example. So these fixed IPs are <30. Is that in the sense of the above tip or should one really assign the IP for all devices via the box (and then set the checkmark to save/reuse this IP)?
    Thanks and regards

  14. DECT telephones can only be registered at a base station because, unlike Heinz body thermostats or intelligent sockets, they use the telephone functions of the frit. This is only possible on one box at a time.
    A DECT repeater could help. Either you use a corresponding AVM device (or another provider) for this or you find an old Fritzbox 7390, 7240 or 7270v3 somewhere. These can work in DECT repeater mode.
    Otherwise, the only option is to manually register or deregister your C4 from both boxes. Due to the mesh-internal phone book comparison, which has become the FritzOS standard for some time, the phone book should always be the same.

  15. Hello, I have a question regarding the phone display in the mesh. Have a Fritzbox 7590 set up as a master. Furthermore a 7490 connected to LAN as a repeater. Everything works great. Now I have deregistered my Fritz Fon C4 from the 7590 and registered it to 7490. works too. Unfortunately, the part is no longer visible in the mesh of both boxes. It should actually be visible on the 7490. How can the problem be solved?

  16. I have the "problem" that the devices do not necessarily connect to the next and thus supposedly strongest cell. The printer, the stereo system and the language assistant, for example, are in the same room as the mesh master, but connect to the slave two floors above.
    Is there any way to counteract this?

      1. Unfortunately, no. What helps me is to restart the FritzBox in such a case. Because then the signal from the repeater is there and strong, while the box is briefly offline. The terminals then switch to the repeater.

        If they still connect to the main router afterwards, the repeater's signal may be weaker than the router's. In this case, the repeater should be plugged in at a different point or the transmission power of the FritzBox should be reduced to 50%.

        In my long apartment, for example, the iMac only connects to the repeater if it is plugged in between the router and the iMac. Otherwise the computer takes the direct connection to the router, although it is obviously worse than via the repeater. It is possible that FritzOS does not base this on the data rates, but on other factors that determine which connection is selected.

        That doesn't seem logical to me, but unfortunately it's not possible to switch it on manually either. Overall, the whole thing works pretty well with a FritzBox 6490 and a 1750e (both on FritzOS 7.12).

        In general, it makes sense to briefly disconnect the WiFi connection of stubborn end devices and then switch it on again.

  17. A few questions: routers and repeaters with fixed IPs, or all devices?

    Is it enough to check the box "Always assign the same IP", or does the dynamic IP range of the router then have to be adjusted and the static addresses lie outside the dynamic range?

    My Fritz Box already gets the Internet via LAN from another router. In the Fritz menu it reads like this, everything shouldn't it be configured as Mesh Master in this case?

  18. I also had trouble meshing my two fries together for a while. The connection just wouldn't go through; the "normal" LAN bridge was up and running.
    The reason for the failure of the mesh connection was that individual settings had already been made in the repeater frit, which are actually synchronized with the master and possibly controlled from there (e.g. SmartHome, etc.). After I reset the repeater frit to factory settings, I tried to mesh the devices immediately after connecting via the LAN bridge. That worked immediately. Since then everything has worked perfectly.

  19. thank you for your help.

    can you set the mesh so that wireless devices always have the same ip address, no matter which fritzbox they are connected to?

  20. Hallo,

    thanks, great tip!
    I tried that and after that my entire mesh network was down. About 2 hours of work to bend everything back.


      1. i think i made a mistake. In the repeater menu under "Network, Network Settings" I have set the IP address "manually" and "Reset for Fritzbox". After that nothing worked for me.
        But I think you described it differently, right?

  21. That is almost correct, since all Fritz repeaters have been assigned fixed IP addresses and these have also been manually saved individually in the repeaters, they suddenly understand each other with all WLAN devices and no longer interfere with each other.

    Just assigning it permanently in the Fritzbox was absolutely not enough for my mesh.
    You can easily test it using the time switch, simply switch WLAN on and off every 15 minutes throughout the night.
    Afterwards check the Internet connections of the individual repeaters with MyFritz App or Wifiman.

    1. Albert's solution from 4.8.2019/7490/1750 is correct. In a system of 2 with two 3 repeaters. After the ip has been set to manual first in the FB and then in the repeater, the WPS button on the repeater (6-2 seconds until Lan flashes) and then the WPS button (approx. XNUMX seconds. After approx. XNUMX minutes between FB and repeaters on the mesh.

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