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Asynchronous picture and sound on Amazon Prime Video? Here's the solution!

Sometimes spins Amazon Prime, and that means trouble: the sound track and audio track are then out of sync, which can be extremely annoying. All end devices are affected, regardless of whether it is a PC/Mac, iOS or Android app or the FireTV stick itself. Pause and play do not ensure that the picture and sound on Amazon Video are then synchronized. But there are other ways to get the system back on track.

If Prime Video and sound are running asynchronously in the browser

If you Prime Video in the web browser and the audio track is not in sync with the picture, there are several ways to tackle the problem. First you should try to reduce the playback quality. To do this, press “Pause” and click on the gear icon in the top right corner. Select an image quality that is one level worse than the current one. If you are already on the lowest level, you can also try to set a higher quality level. Then click the "10 Seconds Back" button several times until you are back at the beginning of the video and then click "Play". The audio track should then run in sync again.
If the problem persists, you should try clearing the browser cache – but then all cookies are gone and you have to log in again everywhere, including Amazon.

Changes the quality and then rewinds.
Changes the quality and then rewinds.

If the audio and video track in the app on iPhone, iPad, Android, AppleTV or SmartTV diverge

If your Prime app is causing problems, the procedure is not that simple. I suspect that Amazon is having problems here because they may be using different servers for audio and video presentation. However, a faulty soundtrack is also much rarer here. In such cases, I changed the language to English and then back to German, after which it worked again. Sometimes you have to rewind a bit here, just like in the browser. Alternatively, you can see if there is perhaps a second audio track. Otherwise, restarting the app may help.

The procedure in the Prime app is similar to that in the browser.
The procedure in the Prime app is similar to that in the browser.

If the picture and sound track are not in sync with Prime on the FireTV (stick).

FireTV and FireTV Stick As Amazon products, they should actually be immune to problems with the service, but far from it: Curiously, I sometimes had problems with the same videos on the stick and Mac. First you should end your video and start another video. This should now have a synchronous audio track. The stick should then play the other video correctly again. If the error also occurs with other videos, restarting the FireTV device can help: Unplug the stick by disconnecting the USB power cable, wait a minute and then plug the power back in. Normally the stick should then catch itself and sound and pictures from Prime Video play in sync again.

Even the FireTV Stick sometimes causes trouble. (Image: Amazon)
Even the FireTV Stick sometimes causes trouble. (Image: Amazon)

You can find even more tips and tricks for Fire TV and Co with this link. Everything possible to Amazon services such as Audible we collect here for you.

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  1. Well, the attempt didn't bring anything, pulled the plug, 5 minutes everything was OK and off we went again. And then the films are still pixelated as hell. So you actually pay for it if you can't even watch movies.

  2. But I have these problems on the TV and so far only with live football broadcasts. What is the error and how can you fix it?

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