SMS spam: This is how you annoy everyone with countless SMS

Getting an SMS is usually nice. Getting one at the wrong time can be annoying. But when hundreds of text messages flood your smartphone within seconds and an endless ringing and vibration demands your full attention, that's just annoying - it's text spam. And open source wouldn't be open source if there wasn't a very simple spam app for Android - the sms spammers, to be found at F-Droid.

And the best thing is that it's easy to use: enter text, dial number/contact, launch spam attack, laugh at annoyed recipients. Aaaaber: This is of course neither anonymous nor nice, so you should leave it at pranks among friends. Of course, bad people with anonymous disposable cell phones/SIM cards could do real mischief with them, confuse guards and steal the Mona Lisa, or something. You should also keep in mind that SMS may cost money. Android also asks quite insistently whether you are serious. Tip: If the spamming doesn't stop, switch to flight mode...

SMS spammer
Spamming can be sooo easy...

Mirco Lang

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    1. Mmmh, I would have thought of self-promotion, but since the website actually stated is down due to technical errors, probably not. In addition, the first name doesn't quite match the name of the owner of the given website - mmmh... Surely someone didn't want to try to discredit someone else? A prankster who thinks that ;) But hey, if you do, just a little hint: Look at the date, the time when you could discredit people with (assumed as well as actual) being lesbians are long gone. It casts a bad light on you, stupid, right?!

      If it is about the real owner of the mail address and the statement should be a heart's desire - mea dingsda, jumped into the breach too early, let me know, I'll enter it again.

      Oh damn, it's probably just more wonderful SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM ;)

  1. The app is certainly not really useful. Since anonymous SIM cards are not that easy and, above all, not legal to get hold of, and real spammers would also need an unregistered mobile phone, SMSSpammer is clearly a fun app - and it is obvious "Annoy friends" a roar these days... Of course, the app could also be used for pen tests - continuous SMS bombardment could take a target device or its user out of the game and then countermeasures are required (spam filters). Personally, I looked at the app simply out of technical interest, the concept is not that common after all.
    And if you don't particularly like meaningless ones: we still have them zoo baby pictures or Esoteric drug apps on offer.
    And last but not least, the standard Tekki answer to the question "Why?": "Because we can!", seen at 2:03 min.

  2. So there is absolutely no meaningful purpose for this app, rather the opposite. It's just a mystery to me why it has to be presented here as a "tip".

    1. This is a good question because I've been using another "method" for a long time. This works too. This can be used in Kali Linux/Windows/Termux and is very simple.

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