The Tutonaut is a blog that aims to make computing life easier. Our team of experienced and well-versed technical journalists regularly write instructions, tips and comments on current or regularly recurring PC, Mac, mobile, software and web topics in free form and has set itself the goal of solving computer problems in an easy-to-understand way . The Tutonaut is free and freely available.

target audience

The target group of the tutonaut are private users with an interest in computer and technology topics. Our readership is recruited from all age groups, but has a clear focus of around 75% in the advertising-relevant age group of 18 to 44 years. With a proportion of female readers of around 25%, we achieve a surprisingly high proportion of technically interested women for a technology blog.


Launched with a new domain and new content at the beginning of February 2014, we are currently acquiring around 17.000 unique visitors every day (as of May 2020), who generate around 20.000 page impressions a day. So we address more than half a million visitors every month.


The Tutonaut relies on the three pillars of Google, social media channels and RSS feeds to promote its content. Due to a special focus on search engine-optimized content, the majority of readers find their way to us via Google. The proportion of regular readers coming in via the home page is constantly growing. The Tutonaut is regularly linked in large web forums, blogs, social media and the online presence of well-known PC magazines and achieves top rankings in the search engines in some subject areas.


The Tutonaut strives for cooperation with industry and trade. These can be varied, both in the form of test/loan positions, as well as in the form of advertising, competitions or long-term cooperation and sponsorship. We reserve the right to editorial presentation and content, but we welcome inquiries. We currently do not publish sponsored posts.
Contact us using the contact form below if you are interested in a cooperation.

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